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It happens almost every time, yet I’m still surprised 🙂

These statistics are from Google Analytics and WordPress, last updated on 12/7/15. All Statistics are from June 11 to July 11 unless otherwise stated. If you’d like to see any other stats, let me know as they’re not all listed below.

General Statistics
Total visits in the past month: 87,895
Total number of visitors in the past month: 23,663
Pageviews in the past month: 146,517
Average number of pages viewed per visit: 1.67
Average length of a visit: 1 min 42 sec
Percentage of users who leave without page interaction: 63.50%
Returning visitors: 78.3%
New visitors: 21.7%

Visitors by Country
Grey is other / unknown.Country

Visitor Demographics


Visitors’ Browser


Visitors’ Operating System


Search Engine Terms (July 1-12)

Search Terms

User Flow
This is the path that users take when navigating the site. Each ‘session’ is a visit and ‘drop-offs’ are the number of sessions which leave the site.

User flow

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5 Responses to Site Statistics

  1. Anyone says:



    What about current statistics?
    I think they, must have been inproved a lot.

  2. Rahul says:



    zxzxzx work high school dxd fans= deadly combination

  3. Prady says:



    woah thats extremely cool, to think there would be such a variety of countries that visit the page

  4. Gary29 says:



    Pretty damn fascinating. Thanks for sharing! Site stats are always interesting to analyze.