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Chapter 6 – The Dark Elf’s Revenge

Part 1

The fifth day since Ash and Lucca entered The Shrine of Jylhä’s <Inner Sanctuary>—.

After Ash blacked out on the first day, he had finally managed to overcome this obstacle thanks to Lucca teaching him her tips and tricks for high-speed flight. However, taking into account their limited remaining time, such progress was not particularly smooth. Half of their ten-day training period was already over.


After climbing down from Lancelot’s back, Ash dropped himself onto the lush meadow. He spread himself out on the ground as he stared at the endless sky. In this magical space constructed by the elves, the flow of time inside was identical to the outside world. It was dusk, and the sky was filled with dark red clouds as a result of the sunset. He felt rather comfortable as a cool evening breeze blew across his sweaty body.

“Lucca and Gawain really are amazing.”

Ash couldn’t help but voice his admiration as he cast his gaze towards a corner of the sky. There, he could faintly see a trace of the flight path that Lucca and Gawain had left behind. The left side of the trajectory depicted on the rock slate — the ‘single wing’, had been accurately drawn. It had been perfectly reproduced in accordance with the pattern on the rock slate, down to the details of the wing’s sharp outline and its delicate feathers. Even though it looked perfect to Ash, Lucca only scored herself seventy-five points out of a hundred.

“If something of that calibre is only worth seventy-five points, then my performance…would only be thirty points at best, right?”

At a distance from the perfect ‘single wing’, the trail that had been left behind by Ash and Lancelot was clearly visible. Although it was barely recognisable as the shape of a wing, there were still many unresolved problems with it.


At that moment, Lancelot let out a cry of frustration as it lowered its head.

“Oh, it’s not your fault. The biggest problem is still my lack of experience.”

Ash made a wry smile. After living together like this for a few days, Ash had coincidentally discovered Lancelot’s cowardly side which he had never previously seen. Strangely, it might have ended up somewhat like its master.

“I mean, I drew a complete monstrosity yesterday, and I wasn’t even able to finish drawing the day before, so it’s true that I’ve been improving day by day. Although we still have more training and challenges ahead of us in the future, let’s do our best together.”


Lancelot responded with a mighty roar this time.

—Clang! Clang!

Hearing the characteristic clang of metalware, Ash turned back to look. He found Lucca sticking her head out of the house’s window with a ladle and a pan in her hand, held high above her head as she tapped them against each other. A plume of white smoke also puffed out of the chimney on the roof.

Part 2

As soon as Ash stepped through the entrance, a herbal scent immediately rushed into his nostrils. After a days’ worth of intensive training, his stomach growled with hunger.

“Welcome home, Ash.”

Lucca popped her face out from the kitchen entrance.

“Yeah, I’m home.”

It feels like we’re a newlywed couple…Ash thought to himself as he washed his hands in the bathroom. He then walked over to the living room. The dining table was lined with various dishes which were all piping hot. Lucca had cooked all of those dishes herself. There was bread which had been baked in a stone kiln, grilled hare with herbs, deep-fried white fish, mushroom and vegetable soup, as well as juice which had been squeezed from fruit and vegetables.

“Tonight’s dinner also looks plentiful and rich.”

Ash savoured the aroma of the dishes while he waited for Lucca to return from the kitchen. During this training period together, Ash had come to realise that Lucca had a homely side to her. Although somewhat rude, Ash initially felt uneasy when Lucca took the initiative to say,

“Leave the cooking to me.”

As the adopted daughter of the well-respected Chief, is it possible that Lucca has absolutely no cooking experience…? Ash had been suspicious of that. His unease was amplified by the terrible experience he had in the cook-off between Eco and Silvia. However, he was given a pleasant surprise. According to Lucca, it was only natural for women in the Ecbald Tribe to learn how to cook. Even as the chief’s daughter, she was no exception. Moreover, Lucca used their training space to hunt, fish, gather fruits, vegetables, herbs and the like…she single-handedly took care of all chores both inside and outside the house. Thanks to her competence in that area, Ash was able to stay focused on his training every day.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Ash.”

Lucca walked out of the kitchen while wiping her hands with her apron, but — Ash’s jaw almost dropped to the floor the instant that he saw her outfit.

“Lucca! Why are you dressed like that…?”

“This? Because it’s really hot today…”

Lucca simply tilted her head with a confused expression. Ash felt so embarrassed that he wasn’t sure where to look. Aside from an apron, Lucca was completely nude. The parts of her body exposed beyond the apron and in open view were — her slender shoulders, the depression of her collarbone, her slim arms and luscious legs. In contrast to Lucca’s usual image, it was difficult to imagine her wearing such a bold outfit. Ash suddenly thought of a question. Is she completely naked underneath the apron? Or is she at least wearing underwear?

“Do you not like it, Ash?”

Lucca spun around on the spot for Ash to see.


Ash quickly covered his eyes with both hands. However, he couldn’t resist the momentary temptation to take a peep through his fingers. Her platinum blonde hair lightly floated through the air. Her back was as white as fresh snow. Her tight buttocks were covered by white and green striped underwear. Ash breathed a sigh of relief upon confirming that Lucca was indeed wearing underwear below her apron.

“Let’s eat before the food gets cold.”


After Lucca answered, she also sat down at the dining table. And thus began their dinnertime on the fifth day of training.


Ash started by using a knife to slice open the hare meat that had been grilled with herbs. Rich meaty juices spilled out from the cut despite the crispy outer appearance. He then used a fork to send the meat into his mouth. Aromatic herbs and spices spread across the tip of his tongue. The meat was fresh and tender, not as greasy as it looked, and had a refreshing taste overall. Ash felt as though he could eat an almost endless amount of such meat. Like a gourmet, he nodded and made noises such as ‘umu’, and couldn’t help but declare,

“Mmm, it’s delicious!”

Lucca had also just cut a piece of hare meat and placed it in her mouth. She reacted in the same way as Ash, nodding frequently as she murmured,

“Yes, it’s delicious.”

“This deep-fried fish also tastes good. I used to fish quite often in my hometown as well, but…”

“No. Ash, you should focus on training right now.”

“Haha, that’s true…”

When Ash sardonically laughed, Lucca also consumed a piece of the deep-fried white fish.

“But, this juice…it’s as strong as always.”

After raising the glass with his left hand, Ash hesitated. The dark green liquid was rather viscous, and just by looking at it, it seemed like it would be difficult to swallow. Even so, Ash closed his eyes and gulped it all down. Lucca followed suit, raising the glass with her left hand and then closing her eyes. In a somewhat macho manner, she gulped it all down.


Ash suddenly noticed that something was amiss. Ordinarily speaking, Lucca wasn’t one to drink things in such a crass manner. If Ash ripped the bread with his hands, Lucca would also begin to rip the bread the following moment. If Ash drank his soup, Lucca would immediately follow him. Only then did Ash discover a significant fact.

“Lucca, are you imitating my actions?”

Lucca shook her head.

“It’s not imitation…I’m predicting your next move while eating. It seems like my hit rate tonight has improved compared to before.”

“Predicting? Why do you need to do that?”

“If the ‘Twin-Winged Oratorio’ is to succeed…the key is synchronisation with your partner.”


“I always remind myself that my breathing and behaviour must be like yours so that I can enhance my sense of unity with you. If you’re thinking about something, and I can also understand it…then it helps to improve the completion of our performance.”

“I see.”

Ash felt admiration for Lucca’s intricate consideration of such matters. In other words, Lucca had been paying attention to the issue of synchronising with Ash from day one. The fruits of her labour had been put on display at the dining table tonight.

“In that case, I should also carefully observe you. I’ll work hard so that I can accurately understand your feelings.”

“I’ll feel embarrassed if you stare at me too often…”

Lucca’s cheeks turned red. Her abashed expression caused Ash’s heartrate to accelerate.

—Speaking of which…

Ash delved into thought as he chewed on a piece of bread. These past five days, Lucca had unveiled breathtaking dragon riding technique. In terms of overall performance, Rebecca and Silvia were probably superior. However, in terms of ‘flying’ alone, it would be no exaggeration to say that Lucca completely dominated the entire academy.

—It’s pretty difficult for me to reach that level…

Even though Ash had a certain degree of confidence in actual combat, he couldn’t help but feel admiration for Lucca every time he watched her perform a Dragon Riding Dance. Lucca was a genius through and through. The more he faced that fact, the more convinced he became of a certain idea. That idea was — if he hadn’t given Lancelot to Silvia in the <Orphan Ceremony>, it was possible that Lucca would’ve ended up as Eco’s master. The conversation that he had with the Mother Dragon resurfaced in his mind.

—Actually…according to the original plan, Eco should’ve remained in my care for a few more years.

—What you mean is…if I didn’t defy you and accepted Lancelot…Eco would’ve become someone else’s Pal?

—That’s right. The person had already been selected. Like you, that person also bears the <Holy Grail>.

It would’ve been a talented Dragonar who was younger than Ash. If that person was Lucca, she was a match in both age and talent. However, the <Holy Grail> that the Mother Dragon spoke of was still a mystery….

“Hey, Lucca. The truth is—”

With his determination firm, Ash decided to tell Lucca about the Mother Dragon’s revelation.


After listening to Ash’s recount, a solemn expression hung over Lucca’s face.

“Ash, whether your guess is correct or not…I don’t know. I think there are many people in this world…who are stronger than me.”

“How could there be? I don’t think there are many.”

Ash retorted almost reflexively.

“Umm, Ash…”

Lucca put her fork down.

“I like Gawain. It’s like my family. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with keeping things the way they are.”


“Besides, even if I really am the <Avalon Knight>…I don’t think I could be as outstanding as you, Ash. Everyone was saved precisely because that person was you.”

The sincere expression in Lucca’s eyes enraptured Ash’s heart. At the same time, he felt inspired and encouraged. To begin with, the fact that Ash had suddenly raised this topic during dinner probably meant that he had become cowardly and confused. Perhaps his slow progress in training for the Dragon Riding Dance had gradually put a dent in his confidence.

“Thank you, Lucca.”

Upon seeing Ash smile—

“You’re welcome.”

—Lucca also directed a smile at Ash.

Part 3

After dinner, Ash trained by himself in an attempt to make further progress.

“I’m sorry, Lancelot.”


Lancelot simply knelt down as if to say, “don’t worry about it”. Grateful for Lancelot’s cordiality, Ash swiftly straddled over, with both feet firmly in the stirrups whilst he grabbed the reins with both hands. He then looked up at the moon in the sky. <Esapce Elfiore> was just like the outside world in that both day and night existed. The first quarter of the new moon hung high in the night sky. The shape of the moon in this space seemed to mirror the real moon phase outside. And just as Rebecca had predicted, the moon slowly grew closer to a full moon each day. Only five days remained until the full moon.

“Let’s go, Lancelot!”


The surrounding air trembled at high frequency. Its magnificent wings gradually filled with magical energy. Lancelot’s eyes, horns and the sharp claws on each of its four limbs emitted a pale light amidst the darkness, illuminating all that surrounded them. The next instant, Lancelot spread its wings to soar and climb straight up into the sky, as if it was aiming for the very moon itself. At the same time, the ring that the Chief had entrusted to Ash emitted a glow. The magical power released by the jade gemstone spread throughout Ash’s entire body via his <Seikoku>. In his current state, he certainly did have the same attributes as an Ecbald. An incredible feeling of excitement spontaneously surged through his body. Did Lucca’s encouragement have an effect? Lancelot also seemed to sense Ash’s positive mood as it soared vibrantly through the night sky.

—I’m in good shape tonight.

A smile naturally formed on Ash’s face. He focused and carefully traced out the trajectory of the side of the wing that he was responsible for. The delicacy of the line was almost like a work of art. Ash was shocked and intimidated the first time that he saw the trajectory. But that was no longer the case. As he was now, Ash was confident that he could complete it.

“Faster! Higher!”

As Ash drew a trail of light in the night sky, he continued to climb higher. He soon reached the extremities of the wing, which was the most difficult part of the dance. Ash recalled how Lucca and Gawain had handled this part of the dance. Lucca barely slowed as she swiftly made sharp turns at each bend. On the contrary, not long ago, Ash and Lancelot inevitably had to slow down whenever they reached this point. As expected, Lancelot altered its stance as it prepared to slow down around the sharp turns.

“Don’t worry Lancelot! I’m sure we can do it now!”

Ash quickly flicked the reins to dispel Lancelot’s fears. Whenever they performed a Dragon Riding Dance, they would often encounter situations that tested their limits. If he could fly faster, higher and more beautifully, that would also enhance the effect of the magic’s activation. Moreover, the ‘Twin-Winged Oratorio’ required synchronisation with a partner. It would be meaningless if he couldn’t keep up with Lucca’s speed.


Lancelot bravely rushed toward the turning point. It swerved its enormous body at the last second, and then turned around like a whip. As such, they drew out the tip of the wing upon the canvas of the night sky. Instantly, a powerful centrifugal force beyond any imagination was generated. Ash’s weight rapidly increased and blood rushed to the left half of his body.


Ash gripped the reins with every ounce of strength that he could muster as he shouted in his mind.

—Hang tight, Lancelot! Remember the trajectory that Lucca and Gawain drew!


Eventually, Lancelot couldn’t help but groan in agony.


All of a sudden, the land and sky reversed. Unable to withstand the physical load, Lancelot was deprived of its freedom. Lancelot’s enormous mass was easily sent hurtling away like a cannonball. It had completely lost control. The rein in Ash’s right hand fractured and tore under the immense load. If Ash even relaxed for a moment, he would instantly be blown away by the powerful winds like a single leaf. A fall from this height would inevitably result in death.

—Do your best to hold on, please, Lancelot…!

Ash desperately clung onto Lancelot’s body as he forcefully shoved a horrifying image out of his mind. Lancelot’s figure drew an arc in the night sky as it spiralled downward toward the ground.


Part 4


Ash regained consciousness as he felt a cool breeze brush up against his cheek. As he awoke, he found himself lying under the shade of a tree. It was already dawn in <Espace Elfiore>. Upon glancing around, he found himself to be in the middle of a vast grassland. The small freestanding house that served as their home stood by itself in the distance. Lancelot and Gawain could be seen curled up and asleep beside it.

How did I end up asleep here?

When Ash tried to prop up his upper body, a sudden pain assaulted his back.

“I remember…that’s right!”

After some straining, he finally recalled the events of the night. Indeed, Ash and Lancelot had fallen from the sky. Although Lancelot had spurted magical energy in the opposite direction to soften most of the impact, it was still a considerable blow for Ash. Ash was thrown into the air and his back abruptly impacted the ground when Lancelot made an emergency landing — however, he couldn’t recall anything after that. Ash slowly and carefully lifted his upper body. Only then did the blanket over his shoulders slide down — causing Ash’s eyes to widen.

“Uwah! Lucca!?”

Lucca was nestled up and asleep right beside him. Given her light snores, it seemed as though she was sound asleep. She held a large Bright Dragon Crystal in her right hand. Judging by the intermittent flickering of the crystal, its magic still seemed to be in effect. Lucca’s entire body seemed linked to that magical reaction as it emitted a slight glow and everything under the blanket felt refreshingly comfortable.

“So this is a healing Oracle huh…”

It was only then that Ash realised — Lucca was actually sleeping and casting healing magic at the same time.

“In any case…”

Ash was troubled when faced with the issue of where to rest his gaze. Lucca was stark naked. Although her innocent sleeping face drew a heartfelt smile from Ash, her fairy-like beauty and figure also enchanted him. As if entranced by a spell, Ash couldn’t pull his eyes away—

“W-What am I looking at!?”

Ash suddenly returned to his senses. With his cheeks burning as hot as a fire, he quickly covered Lucca with the blanket. It was then that he discovered another important fact.

“—Huh…why aren’t I wearing any clothes either!?”

Although he still had underwear, it appeared that everything except for his underwear had been taken off by Lucca during the course of his treatment. Ash re-examined his physical condition from head to toe. His head, arms, legs and shoulder to chest area were all wrapped up in bandages. Ointment had been applied to his knees and elbows. Even just moving his body a little produced severe pain from all over his body. Ash tried to stand — the pain in his knees and ankles was mind-numbing, but he managed to stand still despite the immense difficulty. Ash breathed a sigh of relief.

“Phew. Since I can stand, I should be able to ride Lancelot without a problem…”

Having said that, judging by Lucca’s focused approach to treatment, is it possible that the injuries I sustained were actually quite serious — such anxiety briefly crossed Ash’s mind. Looking at each item of clothing which lay on the ground, all of them were horribly torn apart and even some shocking blood stains remained on them. However, it was no time to harbour fear. Their training had already entered its sixth day. Just when Ash put his clothes back on…


Wrapped under the blanket, Lucca stirred slightly and in slow motion. She then abruptly opened her amethyst eyes and searched for Ash’s silhouette. After a while, their eyes met.

“I’m sorry for making you worry…”


Despite rarely showing any emotion, Lucca threw herself into Ash’s arms. The blanket that covered Lucca’s body fluttered in the wind.

“Whoa! Lucca?”

Ash couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Only a blanket covered Lucca’s body, and even through the blanket, Ash could clearly feel Lucca’s bodily warmth and the soft touch that was unique to a young maiden’s body. Lucca buried her face into Ash’s chest as she wept.

“It’s such a relief…I’m so glad that you’re safe, Ash…”

“Thanks for your concern, Lucca.”

Ash put his arms around Lucca’s back. She felt incredibly slender as he held her in his arms. Even with such a fragile body, Lucca had used healing magic to heal Ash all night.

“We might only have four days left — but I’ll definitely make the Dragon Riding Dance a success.”

Ash resolutely uttered such words by Lucca’s ear.

“You’re mistaken, Ash…”

Noticing the sudden look of sorrow on Lucca’s face, Ash felt confused.

“What am I wrong about…?”

After Lucca wiped her tears away with her fingers, she gazed up at Ash with a solemn expression.

“Today is the eighth day, so there are only two days left. You’ve been in a coma during this time…”

“What!? Because of my carelessness…our precious training time…”

Ash’s mind went blank. It was as if he had hit his head and his vision turned black. Lucca suddenly made a move. The blanket that covered her body slid down all the way to the ground.


Ash’s eyes widened in shock, but he couldn’t even say a word. After all, Lucca stood on her tiptoes and sealed his lips. Through their linked lips, Ash was able to feel the sincerity of Lucca’s emotions. After a while, Lucca drew her lips away. Perhaps due to the extreme embarrassment she felt, everything from her ears to her neck was dyed red like a rose.

“This is a spell…”

After burying her face into Ash’s chest again, she quietly whispered,

“Don’t despair. Don’t forget that you have me by your side…”


“We might not have much time left — but let’s continue to do our best.”

Lucca’s positivity and optimism moved Ash’s feelings. Indeed, it was no time to despair. The loss of two days’ time would certainly have a major impact, but Ash was not alone. Lucca wholeheartedly supported Ash and would fight by his side—

“Thank you, Lucca. Your spell was very effective.”


Lucca responded to Ash with a wide, bright smile.

Part 5

In the depths of the forest—.

After several days of searching, Kiira Brava Henriksen finally arrived at the centre of the forest. Approximately two days’ worth of preserved food remained in her bag. Naturally, there was a good reason as to why a member of the Ecbald tribe struggled in the forest despite being regarded as fairies of the forest. Several layers of illusion magic were used to create a labyrinthian barrier in the forest. While Kiira was exploring a few days ago, she happened to encounter an <Orphan Ceremony> being held. There were around a hundred children involved in the ceremony. Most of the children were deemed to be eliminated as they were bewitched and manipulated by the labyrinthian magic so that they couldn’t even get close to the sanctuary where the Mother Dragon resided. Even so, Kiira successfully made it to her destination. What towered in front of her was an enormous old tree. Its sturdy trunk and the intricately intertwined branches which formed a canopy were reminiscent of a dragon’s body. Even though Kiira grew up in a forest, she found it difficult to imagine how long it would take for a tree to grow so large.

“Hmph. You may have deceived me when I was seven years old…but to think that this tree is actually your true visage.”

After muttering that in anger, Kiira removed the hood that covered her head. In the darkness, only Kiira’s eyes revealed a brilliant glow.

“Get out here now, Mother Dragon!”

Kiira glared at the enormous old tree in front of her as if she was making a declaration of war.

“I am Kiira Brava Henriksen! Do you remember my name!?”

As if reacting to her statement, the surrounding scenery suddenly distorted. The next instant, Kiira found herself standing in a familiar place. The forest had disappeared, and what appeared in its place was a stalactite cave instead. A sweet fragrance filled the air. As a pharmacist, Kiira immediately recognised the herb that dragons loved — Ansal. Numerous Bright Dragon Crystal lights hung from the high ceiling and shone brilliantly. A lake lay ahead, and the light that was cast from the ceiling reflected off the lake giving it a bright golden colour. On the other side of the lake was a shrine that gave off a classical aura. The scenery before her eyes was exactly as it was seven years ago. Indeed, this was none other than the Mother Dragon’s territory. Seven years ago, Kiira and Lucca had also wandered into this territory. Yet, the Mother Dragon had cruelly and mercilessly shattered Kiira’s dream. She only gave an embryo to Lucca. To the Mother Dragon, Kiira was just an accessory to Lucca. Kiira had never been able to forget the despair and humiliation she suffered that day.

“—As a result of that hatred, I turned into a dark elf…”

At that moment, a silhouette appeared in front of the shrine as if formed from the surrounding air.

“I know why you’ve come here.”

It was a gentle woman who seemed like a dignified lady. Her waist-length hair was dark green in colour. The most surprising thing was that she had two horns atop her head. The intricate branches of her horns gave the impression of a mature dragon. Although somewhat surprised, Kiira maintained her composure.

“You’re the Mother Dragon? Back then, you appeared in the form of a dragon, but I didn’t expect that you could take on a human form…no, whether you’re human or dragon doesn’t matter. I have only one purpose, and that is to kill you!”

“You’re an impatient one, but my life is running out anyway. Is there any meaning in coming here to kill me with your own two hands?”

“Of course there is!”

Kiira sneered. She felt excitement surge from the depths of her body.

“You won’t be dying naturally, but at the hands of Kiira Brava Henriksen — as long as that happens, I’ll be satisfied!”

“…It seems there is no room for negotiation. Given that is the case, I will just have to resist.”

After the Mother Dragon declared that she would not wait idly for death, an abnormality took place in the lake.


As the water in the lake parted to the left and right, a group of Hydras appeared along with a grand splash of water. No, it was inaccurate to describe it as a ‘group’. It was an enormous dragon with seven heads.


While Kiira was dumbfounded, the dragon’s abdomen split apart. From there, a countless number of tentacles gushed out from its abdominal cavity. With a sharp whistle as they whisked through the air, the tentacles attacked Kiira one after another.


After the tenatcles wrapped around Kiira’s four limbs, they mercilessly lifted her up. Kiira’s feet left the ground and she was strung up in mid-air. Like a saint being crucified on a cross, Kiira’s arms were pulled to the left and right as she was held in mid-air. After glancing viciously at Kiira while she was restrained, the Mother Dragon coldly said,

“It is my guardian beast and the defensive system of Albion — Leviathan.”

“…I see. I thought it was strange. Even though I’m an Ecbald, the forest seemed too convenient. Even taking that labyrinth enchantment into account, it’d render most people helpless but wouldn’t be a major hurdle for an Ecbald.”

“I sympathise with your experience. However, since you insist on cutting off the lifeline of the dragon species — I have no choice but to follow the vote of the ancient wise dragon council to treat you as a foreign enemy. If I give the order, Leviathan can tear your body to pieces right away, you know?”

“…Fine. I surrender then.”

“A wise decision.”

“—Did you really think I’d say that?”

A wicked smile formed on Kiira’s face as she hung in mid-air.

“I already know all about your tricks. Your defence is illusory magic, right? Illusions that activate directly in the target’s mind — probably highly effective against ordinary people. After all, the best evidence is that no threat has been made to your life over the course of history. However—”

With a tyrannical smile, Kiira clenched her teeth. More accurately speaking, she was biting down on the medicine that she had concealed in her molars—.

“You didn’t…!”

For the first time, the Mother Dragon revealed a look of surprise.

“I’m an Ecbald pharmacist. I came prepared with a drug to combat your illusory mental attacks!”

The Mother Dragon’s illusions manipulated a substance in a target’s brain to induce strange hallucinations. Since that was the case, using medicine to counteract the effect could potentially break the illusion — that was the conclusion Kiira came to after some thought. Naturally, the chance of success was low. After all, the drug she concocted wasn’t guaranteed to counteract the Mother Dragon’s illusions. Even so, Kiira combined the deep knowledge accumulated by the Ecbald tribe with the scientific methods of the Zepharos Empire to continuously improve. With full devotion of her effort, Kiira finally succeeded in developing a psychotropic drug which gave her an opportunity to fight against the Mother Dragon’s trump card.

“Incredible…I am deeply impressed by your dedication. However, illusion though it may be, if Leviathan attacks you, your spirit will still be hurt. Even if your body is safe, your psyche cannot escape death.”

After saying that, the Mother Dragon silently raised her right hand.


Upon seeing this signal, Leviathan let loose a grand roar. The tentacles that bound Kiira’s body continued to strengthen their grip. If this continued, Kiira would probably be torn to pieces by Leviathan just as the Mother Dragon declared. However — in the next instant, the surrounding scenery distorted and Kiira’s vision was clouded by darkness.

Part 6

Kiira awoke underneath the enormous old tree.

“Phew. It seems like the drug has taken effect.”

Now, no hallucinations could continue to affect Kiira’s mind. Although it was a potentially fatal gamble, the ultimate winner proved to be Kiira.

“Hmph. Without the protection of illusions, you’re just a mere old tree.”

As Kiira mumbled that triumphantly, she squatted down beside the root of the giant tree. She then took a small vial out of her pocket that was filled with a purple liquid.

“Do you know what this is, Mother Dragon? Oh, I guess you can’t answer now even if you wanted to.”

After satirically saying so, she unplugged the vial.

“This is called <Necroma> — I named it myself.”

Kiira stared at the purple liquid as if it was her pride and joy.

“I asked Uriel to provide me with materials as a condition for preparing the narcotic <Galatea>. Uriel quickly and easily agreed. He immediately offered me six hundred and sixty-six prisoners without a second question.”

Kiira slowly tilted the medicine bottle, and the purple liquid dripped onto the tree’s roots. The drug soaked into the soil almost instantaneously.

“If I was only going to kill a plant, there would be a plethora of physical methods. But wouldn’t that be too boring? You’ll ingest the drug that I personally concocted through these thick roots. As for what will happen afterwards…hmph, we’ll just wait and see.”

Kiira’s eyes were set ablaze and gave off an eerie glow.

“I’ll watch you die with my own eyes first. Even if it takes a few days, I’ll stay right here with you—”

“Necroma ~A.S.B.1365.12” is closed.

(All 6 of 6 parts) (18/01/21)

Continues on to Chapter 7 – The Calamity of Albion

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