Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica Volume 6 Chapter 1

Continues on from Prologue – Early Morning Company (B-T)
Continues on to Chapter 2 – Melancholy of the Lonely Wild Dog

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Chapter 1 – The Young Girl’s Holiday

Part 1

It was a dimly lit space. The room that was filled with mechanical sounds was the main control room of Japan’s Babel tower. Only a small number of system administrators had access to this room, and it was usually empty. Yet, several figures had appeared in the main control room. Even during the spring break, the members of the student council still came to school to prepare for the new school term. The three people who had appeared in the main control room were vice-president Nanase Haruka, secretary Uesaki Ryouhei, and accountant Aihara Minami. The three of them stood in front of a large array of mechanical equipment.

“Alright, let’s get started.”

Haruka quietly said so as she held onto a testing checklist.

“…We already tested it before the spring break.”

Ryouhei sighed as he said so impatiently.

“Even if it is the final check before the new school term begins, you didn’t have to start with the main system…”

“It can’t be helped. There was an intruder only recently, so it’s best to be more cautious.”

Minami’s tone was incredibly calm, and there wasn’t the slightest hint of hesitance in her voice.

“Moreover, the enhancement of the security system has also resulted in a few changes to the settings of the main system, so it’s necessary for it to be re-examined.”

“Minami’s right, so let’s all get a move on.”

After saying that, Haruka was the first to head into the depths of the control room. Ryouhei and Minami followed behind her, and the three of them split up to test the main system. When they had held the tournament earlier, the Japanese Babel tower had been invaded by terrorists.

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