Update on translation

Hey there,

Initially translating V18 was taking quite a while for me – roughly 2-3 hours per 500 words but it seems like I’m getting used to it and my speed is picking up. I finished the last part in just over an hour so hopefully this keeps going smoothly and I’ll be able to finish V18 by the end of the month.

About zxzxzx

I'm a uni student who likes computers, anime, games, tennis and photography among other things. I often read LNs, manga or watch anime in my spare time if I'm not translating something. I'm also an IT technician, so I deal with a lot of corporate IT issues and general troubleshooting of PCs, networks, software, etc. I often also have delusions of grandeur as I dream of marvelous ways to assassinate every member of the Chinese and North Korean governments, and all other tyrants against freedom.
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