A certain Valkyrie would love this deal

So a friend tipped me off about a certain post on a site called OzBargain about cheap custom phone cases. They’re currently running a promotion where your first item is $0.99USD including standard postage to anywhere in the world! I thought I’d go and design a custom phone case for my Xperia Z with a High School DxD theme. That said, you can choose from any of the user created designs there and also create your own design with any image(s) of your choice. This is coming from “CowCow” which I’ve never used before but they seem decent enough. This offer seems only to be one per household. You can either sign up for an account on their site and generate your own coupon codes via this link or use my codes (still need to create your own account) which I receive $1 of credit for per purchase.

$0.99 for 1st Custom Phone Case, Additional $9.99/each with Free Shipping (Hardshell & Enamel Only):

Not sure when this expires, but there are also other $0.99 items available like small purses, mirrors, keychains, sleeping masks, etc. which you can get codes for.

I haven’t done any PS work for a while so it was a rather quick mash together job but I reckon it still looks decent. Let’s hope it comes out alright when I receive it. My case design:

Phone-Cover-v2s Phone-Cover-Overlayed

Update: It came out pretty good.

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  1. kevruth says:



    While I’ve not used CowCoW, I have used it’s sister company ArtsCow.  Both of these sites are very popular with the board game hobby.  I’ve designed many things on ArtsCow and I’m told that links from others’ designs can be used in either.

    That being said, do you have a custom link that we can use for your design or a CowCow link to just the image?

    Keep up the good work on your translations and remember your school work is more important than us.