TSDSMRST Volume 1 Prologue

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This is a story about the boy and girls who have taken control of the power of the Deadly Sins within their bodies.

In a special zone known as [Reverse Kichijouji], they live more freely than anyone else….

—This is a story of wolves.

Prologue – The Thursday on which Fated Paths Crossed


“Fuee…mama…guu, mama…”

The cries of a young child arose from the arms of Takanashi Sirou. They came from a cute young girl who seemed to be around four or five years old. Large tears spilled out of the young girl’s eyes which were as large and round as jewels. They were situated at a large intersection which was close to a train station. Around them, a great number of pedestrians waited for the signal to cross. However, there was one thing that could be denied. Sirou wasn’t the one who had made this young girl cry. In fact—

“It’s alright now…I’m sure it was scary.”

He hugged her softly as he gently whispered into her ear.

“…Uuh, fu…ee.”

The young girl held onto him, and remained in his embrace. —Just a moment ago, the young girl was almost run over by a car. Sirou was the one who had saved her. But — it wasn’t as though the girl had willingly jumped onto the road. The driver of the car didn’t have any intention of ploughing into the girl either. The existence which had put the girl’s life at risk had already fled the place. And then, when the red signal finally turned green, someone came over from the other side of the crossing.

“Sirou-san, are you okay?”

It was a person who held a heavy-looking dark brown paper bag, and walked over to them somewhat unsteadily. The person with a paper bag in their arms as they approached Sirou’s side was a girl who looked to be around ten years old. In that bag were the ingredients which Sirou had purchased together with the girl. While Sirou continued to hug the young girl that he had saved, he said

“Sorry Mikoto…I’ll carry it in a moment. It’s pretty heavy, isn’t it?”

He apologised to the girl who had just arrived…Inaba Mikoto.

“No no, I’m just glad you made it in time.”

As she popped her face out from the side of the paper bag, the girl revealed a bright smile on her face. The large circular eyes which she used to look up at him were like those of a mischievous kitten. There were two ribbons shaped like butterflies tied on the left and right side of her small head, and her long hair was tied into twin-tails. On top of that — what was distinctive about her was the maid outfit which she wore. The first thing which drew one’s attention was the sexy diamond-shaped cut on her chest area. Because of that, the underside of the small bulge of her chest was exposed, and her shapely navel was also revealed. And, she also wore frilly over-knee socks which were held up by a pair of white garter belts. Moreover — Mikoto was not only cute, but she had an unusual sex appeal which didn’t quite match her young appearance.

While on their way home from shopping, Sirou and Mikoto had been waiting at the intersection for the signal to change. That was when he saw the adorable young girl on the opposite footpath of the wide, three-lane road. A white plastic bag from the supermarket had been hanging in her hand. Her parents didn’t seem to be around, but it could simply be that she lived nearby and she had gone out for an errand. However — the problem occurred when the signal still hadn’t yet changed to green. Another girl ran towards the little girl form behind as if she was running away from something. That wasn’t particularly a problem in itself. The real problem was the four men dressed in black who chased after that girl from behind.

“You’re in the way! Move it!”

One of the men in black shouted as they flew into the crowd which was waiting for the signal to change. —To young children, the enraged voices of adults could easily frighten them. As the little girl looked behind, she stumbled backwards and onto the main road. The worst thing was — a ten tonne truck was heading that way. All of the people in the surrounding area had become distracted by the men in black who charged through them, and no one noticed the crisis that had befallen the little girl. The same also applied to that young girl herself. Therefore

“—Mikoto, hold this for me.”

After saying that, Sirou handed the paper bag with ingredients in it to Mikoto, and then leapt out onto the road. As he took his first step while leaning forward — he put strength into his right leg as he kicked off against the ground which resulted in an explosive acceleration, and he had already reached a godlike speed with his second step. After taking a leap with his third step, he had already jumped up to a height that allowed him to float over the top of a black minivan which had come towards him from the right.


Putting one hand on the jet-black roof of the vehicle, he lightly pushed himself across the top of the minivan. Sirous had entered from the lane on the opposite side, and he then used the hood of a white SUV which had come from the left side as a springboard to allow him to make a low jump as he rushed towards the little girl. All of that transpired in a single moment. So, when the ten tonne truck’s brakes squealed loudly and its horn sounded, Sirou had already hit the ground and pulled the young girl into his arms from behind and leapt away. —That lead up to the current situation, and fortunately, the young girl was unhurt. When Sirou gently hugged the little girl, she soon stopped crying. As she was gently lowered onto the ground, Mikoto walked up to the little girl. Mikoto then crouched down so that her eyes were level with the little girl, and she flashed a gentle smile at her while stroking her head.

“Good girl~…now, can you tell me what colour your panties are?”

It was totally inappropriate. A swift karate chop came down on her head.

“That hurts! W-Why’d you do that, Sirou-san?”

“This is the time when you ask what her name is. Panties are a crime.”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard about that.”

“I imagine it is. It’s the first time I’ve said it, at least.”

After Sirou sat down in front of the little girl, he grasped the purse which hung around her neck.

“Let’s see…ah, here huh?”

As expected, the little girl’s name and a telephone number had been written on the back of the purse.

“Kobayashi Maki…huh. Alright, hold on for just a bit longer. We’ll bring you back to your mama soon.”


The little girl seemed to react to her own name and the word ‘mama’ as she looked up at him, and she silently nodded as she hugged him again.

“Hmm…you’re like an angel.”

Sirous gently stroked the girl’s head as he made up his mind to help bring her back home.

“It’s a crime ~ Sirou-san. Rather than just an ordinary pervert, you’re more like a lolicon. That’s why you have ill rumours of ‘wandering around Kichijouji with your lower half’.”

“Mikoto, you’re the one who asked to know the colour of her panties. Have you looked in a mirror?”

“It’s fine for me because I’m also a girl. I can go into the same toilet with this girl, and I can also enter the female baths with her.”

“This is a crazy world we live in huh.”

“But this is normal, isn’t it!?”

After energetically joining in, Mikoto sighed as she said ‘Geez’.

“Anyway, please be careful Sirou-san. After all — today is Thursday.”

“Yeah yeah, I’ll keep it in mind.”

While he nodded in response to Mikoto’s word of warning, he placed his hand on top of the little girl’s small head.

“Then, can I leave this girl to you, Mikoto? Call that phone number and arrange for her parents to come pick her up. If it goes to voicemail, then you can call Nagumo-san.”

“Aye aye, got it.”

Mikoto responded brightly when the name of a female police officer that they were acquainted with came up.

“Ah that’s right, we bought some eggs just earlier didn’t we? Give them to the girl.”

“But…without those eggs, we won’t be able to have our sukiyaki tonight.”

“Yeah I know. But, this girl tried hard to buy them, and now they look like this.”

Sirou showed her the contents of the white plastic bag in his left hand. There was a crushed plastic box inside the bag, and the eggs that the little girl had bought were all broken.

“Well, if Sirou-san says so then I don’t mind, but…won’t Renya-san get into a bad mood?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll deal with him later.”

“—Then, is it as expected after all, Sirou-san?”

Upon being asked that, Sirou simply said ‘Yes’ as he looked in the direction that the men ran off to.

“Those old men from earlier…I’ll have to put in a little complaint to them.”


—At a location that was around five hundred metres away from the station, there was a zone where various commercial buildings stood. In the past, it had been a district with a myriad of small shops which formed maze-like alleys. Sandwiched in between the concrete walls, there was a dark alleyway which sunlight barely reached.

“—Give up. You won’t escape from us.”

As the men dressed in black caught up to Kousaki Yui, they forced their intentions onto her.

…I wonder if it was a mistake.

If she was focused solely on escaping, she should have gone onto a major road or into a shopping district instead. If she stayed in areas where many people were watching, it would have been difficult for the people chasing her to be so aggressive in their use of force. However — even without brute force, it would have been difficult, but not impossible. In fact, just earlier, they didn’t stop even though she ran through that large intersection. She had heard the sound of a loud horn and screeching brakes behind her. —Yui personally disliked the idea of ignoring the signal and causing someone to get hurt. But the men in black had continued to chase after her despite everything she had done.

…What should I do?

She thought about the possibility that some kind of accident had happened as a result of her own actions, and that simply made her want to cry.

“If you don’t want us to get rough, then follow our instructions. Don’t try to resist.”

Those words indicated to her that they wouldn’t hesitate to get rough if it was necessary. And so, that was when she steeled her resolve — just at that time.

“…Yeah, there you guys are.”

A forceful voice was suddenly emitted from somewhere. Behind the men in black…there was someone who stood idly by the entrance of the alleyway. —It was a boy with a mysterious air about him. He wore a black school uniform on both his upper and lower body. All of the buttons on his coat were not done up, and the white hoodie that he wore underneath it left its hood hanging around his collar. It looked as though he wore his stiff uniform rather roughly. Although his hair hadn’t been dyed, it had a somewhat unkempt look which gave it volume. Judging only by his appearance, he didn’t look like a particularly unusual boy. It was just that — there was something ‘foreign’ about the boy. It was his eyes.

There…as the boy stared at the men dressed in black, his pupils had such a deep colour that it seemed as though everything would be sucked into their depths. However — the men dressed in black probably didn’t notice that ‘foreign’ aspect of the boy. After staring at each other for a while, the man who was closest to the boy approached him.

“Wait! That person has nothing to do with—”

Despite her prompt cry, one of the men in black stood directly in front of the boy.

“Get lost, brat. Don’t get involved just because of your worthless curiosity or a flawed sense of justice.”

“I have no intention of doing so. I’ve just got a little complaint to make.”

As the man in black verbally threatened him and used his large build to intimidate him, the boy responded fearlessly.

“…Because of you guys, a little girl almost died.”

As the boy spoke, the tone of his voice grew sharper, and the expression in his eyes darkened.

“It was incredibly frightening for her…she kept on crying as she trembled. She was supposed to go home and greet her mother, and she would’ve been praised for her effort.”

The boy then lifted up a white plastic bag for them to see.

“As you can see, the eggs that the girl did her best to buy are in a mess now. I think this is an important thing in our world, so what are you going to do about the eggs that you made her drop?”

As the boy said that, the man dressed in black before him responded. He didn’t use any words. He simply snatched the plastic bag that was in the boys hand and then dropped it onto the ground.

“……Seriously, don’t treat food so poorly. Don’t you know that you’ll get punished for it?”

 The boy sighed as he reached out to pick up the bag which had a pack of eggs within it. But — before the boy could do so, the man in a black suit stomped down on his hand with his right foot. An excruciating sound was heard.

“I’ll say it once more. Get lost, brat. Otherwise—”

Something interrupted the man in black’s words. It was a roar. At the same time, the concrete wall of the building crumbled and cracked in the shape of an enormous spider web. In the middle of it, the boy’s right hand grabbed the black-clothed man’s head like the claw of an eagle on its prey, and it seemed as though the man was unexpectedly battered.

“—Otherwise what?”

The boy’s eyes seemed to laugh coldly as he slowly directed them towards the other men who were dressed in black.

“Y-You bastard, what d—”

While the remaining three men dressed in black swiftly became vigilant of him, the boy released his hand from the man that he had frightened and slowly began to walk towards them.


The men in black thrust their right hands into their left breast pockets and pulled something downward and out. As a metallic sound was made, they were revealed to be metal rods. At the same time, the sound of sparks could be heard from them, crackling as they shone — they were electric batons. —Immediately afterwards, all three of the men in black attacked the boy at the same time. It was three against one in a narrow alley. The boy had neither the opportunity to evade or escape.  And yet, the boy continued to walk calmly towards the men in black — and in the next instant


Kousaki couldn’t help but stare in awe. The boy had passed through the wall that the three men in black formed without so much as a scratch on him. And then

“…Are you okay?”

With all of that now behind him, the boy smiled as he asked that. The three men in black all fell forward and they hit the ground. As he slipped past them, the boy had struck the back of their necks with the side of his hand at a godlike speed.

…Now then.

As he watched the surprised expression on the girl’s face, he made a guess on what her situation had been. She had been chased by the dangerous men. There was no doubt about that. She wore the uniform of a high school which was situated some distance away from here. It was an important piece of information about the girl’s identity. But, in addition to that…

…Hmm, she’s amazing after all.

There was a miracle before his eyes. The girl was unbelievably pretty. The eyes which she used to gaze at him shone like jewels. She had smooth and silky hair which reached her shoulders, and her hair had been braided up by ribbons which held three plaits together on her left. The shape of every part of her nose, lips, and every part of her face had been contoured so perfectly that it was exquisite. —The girl’s wondrous appearance could completely rob someone of their attention. The youthful appearance of the girl’s face was somewhat disproportionate to her body. Even if a hundred people were compared to her, she would still have an outrageously large rack in comparison to those hundred people. Her chest was enormous…her breasts. Sirou felt lucky that he had the chance to lay eyes on her. The girl suddenly embraced him.


The first thing that he felt was soft and had plenty of volume. And as Sirou reciprocated her embrace, their bodies grew even closer, and he marvelled at the wonderful situation. Aside from her superb bust, the girl had a mesmerising curve which ran from her neck to her waist, and all the way down to her buttocks. It seemed so alluring that it was almost as if it was inviting him to touch her. However — he was unable to do that. It was because the girl clung onto him with a strong hold. As he leaned back slightly, something made a sudden movement in the periphery of his vision.


It was the first man that Sirou had slammed into the wall. It was the first man in black who should’ve collapsed from that. In the man’s hand, something was directed at Sirou. He had probably hidden it in his suit…perhaps at the back. It was a sub-machine gun of the latest model with a jet-black body. The safety mechanism had already been switched off, and his finger was on the trigger.

…I see.

Just as the sound of gunfire echoed, Sirou pushed the girl against the ground. The bullet then flew past and missed the place where their bodies had been just a moment ago. It was a close call. But


Just as the two of them were pressed against the ground at the same time, it had happened due to the sudden shift in momentum. Sirou’s lips overlapped with those of the girl. It was an accidental kiss…but it was still a kiss nonetheless.

…Ah, this isn’t so good.

Although that was Sirou’s immediate thought…


An unexpected situation occurred on the other side. The girl opened her eyes in surprise — and in the depths of those eyes, a certain crest appeared.

…Ah shit.

In order to make things even more complicated, Sirou held her head. On the other hand, the girl who was surprised by his sudden kiss tried to get away from him.

“Wait, it’s dangerous.”

Sirou immediately put his arm around the back of her head and held her firmly in his arms. And then, although their lips pressed against each other’s again, the second bullet which was fired passed over the top of the girl’s head just in the nick of time. As he thought about the situation…

“Mmm…yaa, mmm…haa…aah”

For some reason, the girl whom he had kissed began to let out sweet and confused breaths.


As a matter of fact, the cause of it was Sirou. With his left hand — he fully held the girl’s waist close to him, while his right hand held the back of her head. From their overlapped lips, he inserted his tongue into the girl’s mouth. Their tongues lewdly entwined together, and they made sweet noises every time their moist lips rubbed against each other. The girl reacted incredibly sweetly to all of that. …The instinct of a man was frightening indeed. It was precisely because of this that he had been dubbed the one who ‘wanders around Kichijouji with his lower half’. Then

“…You…don’t mess with me…!”

With an enraged voice, the man in black aimed the muzzle of his sub-machine gun at them. However, perhaps because his vision was blurry as a result of the damage which he had taken to his head, the muzzle moved unsteadily.

“In a state like that…it’s dangerous you know.”

After pulling his tongue out of the girl’s mouth, Sirou sighed to himself as he caught a glimpse of the girl’s butt. Using both of his hands, he immediately indulged in the warm and soft sensation of the girl’s butt.

“Yaa —— hyaan ♥”

As the girl now lay on top of his waist, her hair swayed and became dishevelled as she pressed her sweet body against him. The third bullet which was fired just passed through the gap in between the girl’s body and Sirou’s.


Meanwhile, the expression of the man in black was one of pure shock.

“…This is also a pretty lewd butt, isn’t it?”

Without looking over, Sirou continued to fondle the girl’s butt. Still holding the sub-machine gun in his hands, the man in black was astonished. The bullets fired from his weapon in semi-automatic mode had all been evaded by the boy in an impossible manner. It was as if his movements had been calculated against the timing and trajectory of the bullets. Speaking to the man in black

“You know old man…you were probably told to capture this girl, right?”

As the girl above him retreated back a bit, she leaned against the wall of the building.

“—If you’re going to shoot, can you make sure that you aim carefully at me?”

As he stood up, the boy calmly smiled as he provoked the man.


A vein popped out from the man in black’s head, and he switched his weapon to its fully-automatic mode and pulled the trigger. It used a special magazine which was in the shape of a double-helix. It had enough bullets to fire a hundred and twenty nine shots. Since he had already fired three bullets, there were still a hundred and twenty six shots left — he sprayed the entire magazine.


The next instant, the man in black was left completely dumbfounded.

The very instant that the man in black pulled the trigger, the boy had drawn a katana in his hand. And then, the boy’s figure became blurred as a countless number of flashes sparked across the alley. —However, those flashes didn’t originate from the muzzle of the sub-machine gun that the man in black had fired. White flashes like drawn threads endlessly spread across the empty space. And — a high-pitched metallic sound rang out as each and every one of the gunshots were extinguished.


It had a firing rate of thirty two shots per second. The man in black had exhausted all of his bullets in an instant, and he dropped the sub-machine gun to the ground as he murmured in disbelief. —Over a hundred bullets had been fired at a short distance, and yet everything had been cut down with a blade. The man in black was also able to confirm that all of his bullets had been sliced in half. That was because all one hundred and twenty six bullets — lay at the boy’s feet. If they were simply cut, the bullets would have continued to shoot behind the boy given the momentum they had. They would have landed somewhere in the surroundings. If that was the case, there was a possibility that they still would’ve hit the boy and the girl. That was why the boy — had completely killed the impact of the bullets when he cut them down so that they all fell to his feet.

“…On top of superhuman abilities, you can also manifest a weapon…are you a [Pure-Blooded Species]?”

“No, that’s incorrect. This is my own power.”

As he bounced the back of the blade against his shoulder, the boy spoke as he narrowed his eyes.

“—So, do you still want to continue?”


As the man in black was stared at with cold eyes, he rapidly thought to himself

—I know well what kind of place this city is.

During this capture mission, those skilled in fighting techniques and the use of firearms had been selected, and it should’ve been enough even to deal with an ‘ability user’. But — in the end, that mostly only applied to the lower grade which accounted for the majority of ability users.

…What should I do!?

Right now, he could probably use an ability. That was the kind of place this city was. Even though he was a human in the outside world, in this city — in this [Otherworldly City], he was not a human. It was commonplace for abilities to be used. But in this desperate fight, the results were clear.


And so, the man in black quickly swung his arm out horizontally. At the same time, some kind of mechanism activated and a hidden gun popped out from his sleeve. Choosing to believe in his honed skill in firearms, he bet everything on a single shot — but


The resulting noise wasn’t a gunshot, but the scream of the man in black. The boy had swung his blade down and used the back of his blade, crushing the man in black’s arm before he could pull the trigger. The man in black fell to his knees due to the severe pain.

“You could have taken your comrades back home…but it can’t be helped if that’s the kind of attitude you have.”

The boy sighed as he spoke, and slammed the side of his hand against the back of the man in black’s neck. The man in black’s head lifted slightly before he fell to the ground face-first.


That violent impact was enough to rob the man in black of his consciousness. Coincidentally, the place where his face fell was the same place that he had stomped down on earlier.  That was right on top of the plastic bag which had a pack of eggs in them. As the man in black’s consciousness faded and his vision dimmed, he heard the boy’s quiet last words.

“That’s the food you ruined. Take responsibility and eat it all up — and make sure you don’t even leave the shells behind.”


And — Kousaki watched as the boy defeated all of the men in black. They weren’t specifically villains of the city. They were professionally trained special operatives. And yet, the boy had single-handedly dealt with them all.


While still frozen stiff by the unbelievable sight which had unfolded before her eyes, the boy began to explore the pockets of the trousers and suits of the fallen men in black.

“Hmm…they don’t have any ID cards after all.”

That was when the boy took one of the men in black’s mobile terminals. He pulled out the battery and then the communication chip, and placed it into his uniform’s breast pocket. And then, she asked the boy who had embraced her just a while ago

“Umm…it’s Takanashi-kun, right?”

The question she had raised was about the name of her high school classmate. His full name was Takanashi Sirou. And, before the boy could respond to that question

“Ah~ there you are, Sirou-san!”

A lovely young girl who wore a maid outfit which exposed various parts of her body came into the back alley where he stood. The name that she had called him was confirmation that the boy was indeed Takanashi Sirou. The young maid girl quickly walked right up to Sirou.

“How’d it go? The people you were going to complain to…oh, it looks like it’s long over.”

She said as she looked at the bodies of the men in black around her feet.

“I’ve never seen these guys before…should we report it to the leader just in case?”

“Yeah, I just knocked them out with a chop to the neck. I’ll tell you about it later. Did you get in touch with that girl’s mother, Mikoto?”

The girl named Mikoto that Sirou spoke to said ‘yes’ as she nodded.

“Because her house was in the neighbourhood, she came to meet us pretty quickly. She was really grateful that you saved Maki-chan, you know? She wanted to properly express her thanks to you.”

“I see…did you refuse nicely?”

“Yes, graciously. I also gave her the eggs afterwards.”

“That’s good. Thank you.”

As Sirou said so with a calm and gentle expression, his eyes suddenly became sharp for some reason.

“…You didn’t ask about the colour of her underwear, right?”

“Hahaha, I didn’t.”

While they had a mysterious conversation that Yui couldn’t understand, Mikoto suddenly noticed her.

“Ah, Sirou-san! This person, isn’t she Kousaki Yui-san? Your classmate, and the one reputed as a one in a millennium president!”

“That’s right. For some reason, it looks like those old men were chasing after her.”

“So you helped her huh. Ah~ as expected of the one who wanders Kichijouj with his lower half. Good job!”

As she said that, she hugged his waist and then peered up at him with uselessly glittering eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Inaba Mikoto. Kousaki Yui-san, please tell me the colour of your panties!”


She was lost for words in the face of the unexpected question which had been asked with a bright smile. And then, from behind Mikoto, the scabbard of a sword stabbed her bottom.


“Owww!? How could you stab a girl’s important rear end with a scabbard…Sirou-san, what do you take my butt for?”

As she crossed her legs while standing, Mikoto complained to him with teary eyes while rubbing her bottom to soothe it.

“If a girl can’t control her mouth, then she has to be taught with her body.”


Yui was puzzled and couldn’t follow their conversation at all. Sirou then said to Mikoto

“By the way Mikoto…sorry to break this to you right now, but there’s a bit of a problem. To be honest — when I pushed her to the ground just earlier, I accidentally kissed her.”


Upon hearing Sirou’s words, Mikoto completely froze up on the spot.

“Umm, Sirou-san…are you seriously saying that?”

“Yes. I’m serious about it.”

“No! What are you doing? Today’s Thursday, you know!?”

Mikoto was in disbelief.

“—So, how was it?”

“Surprisingly, it seems like it was a ‘hit’. So no matter what, we somehow have to deal with her.”

Then, Sirou finally turned towards Yui and he slowly approached her.

“I guess there are various circumstances at play, but let’s get moving for now shall we? …Can you stand?”

He held his right hand out to her, and she took his hand as she stood up.

“Well then, let’s go, president.”

As he said that — Takenashi Sirou calmly smiled.


In the year 20XX — seven seraphim suddenly descended upon the city of Kichijouji. Then, within a several kilometre radius of Inogashira Park, a certain phenomenon occurred. People began to obtain special abilities one after the other. The seraphim then caused an immensely tall structure to appear within the park, and they disappeared into it. The Japanese Government repeatedly failed to establish contact with the seraphim. The seraphim did not respond to any calls, they did not show their appearances, and they didn’t even make any statements. Although confusion ensued at first, the special powers that people acquired turned out to be usable only within that particular area. The area of effect was judged to be extremely limited.

As a result — from a humanitarian point of view, the inhabitants were not isolated, and the district named [Kichijouji City] became independent from its neighbouring districts, and was designated by the Cabinet as the world’s first ‘special ability’ zone. Thus, the city of Kichijouji attracted attention not only in Japan, but across the globe. And people from both inside and outside the country poured in one after the other as they sought out new possibilities for the human race. Companies slowly also began to relocate one after the other, and the situation had evolved into one which had a queue based on lottery selection.

Nonetheless — in the early stages of these special abilities and the research on them, the associated risks were unknown. Therefore, the government changed the designation of the special ability zone, and stated that the city belonged to a different world, despite being in this world physically — as an [Otherworldly City], it had a strong appeal to people both local and foreign.

A system was devised and named [Otherworldly Transfer] to record and transfer in personal information such as identification. At the same time, it was a pledge to acknowledge the risks which existed in the special ability zone. —But, after a while, people who settled within the special ability zone without going through the formal procedures began to appear. There were some who had tragically disappeared from the immigration lottery. Some people also tried to abandon their past, and were reborn in the special ability zone as they tried to make new lives for themselves.

Then, reports of illegal immigration conducted by brokers began to circulate, and this became known as [Otherworldly Reincarnation]. It resulted in an influx of antisocial forces and vagrants. Most of the illegal immigrants like them lived in the vicinity of Kichijouji station because it was not an emerging district, and instead maintained most of its former appearance. Although there was a marked decline in the public security of the entire area, the government tolerated such a lawless zone because various kinds of people had been useful in furthering the research on special abilities.

—After a few years, the biggest entertainment district in Tokyo aside from Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro had been formed. That was [Reverse Kichijouji]. Then, as the government sought to further develop the research on special abilities, even more happy miscalculations occurred. Aside from those who awakened to their special abilities due to the advent of the seraphim, the pure-blooded special ability users who had originally hidden their existence and powers in the world began flocking to Kichijouji which made it easier for them to live. Because the source of their abilities was different, those who awakened their special abilities due to the influence of the seraphim were named [Awakened Species]. On the contrary, those who had been born with special abilities from the very beginning were known as [Pure-Blooded Species].

In Kichijouji City, more and more people from all walks of life and with different kinds of abilities came in to join the overflowing crowd. And so — several years had passed since the advent of the seraphim, and special abilities had now become commonplace. Kichijouji continues to reign as the number one city that young people want to live in.

(All 3 of 3 parts) (8/10)

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            Well, I had no idea someone else wanted to translate it when I posted this up, and it was genuinely something I was interested in. I’ve sent a message to the other group to properly clarify their intentions, and if they say they are going to translate it, then I won’t waste my time. On the other hand, if they say that they’re never going to touch it, then sure, I’ll go right ahead with it.

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