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Notice: I have abandoned this project as there are now many other plugins which do a better job at this and have been tried and tested.

A WordPress plugin for voting on comments. Boosted Gear style!

Version and Licensing

Current Version: 0.8
Requires: WordPress 3.0 minimum, tested up to 4.22
Licensed under GNU GPL v3


This plugin sets a default score for all comments to 1. Users can vote by “boosting” a comment’s score. Each time a comment’s score is boosted, it multiplies by two. Not designed to be practical, rather simply for fun. Scores are stored in the comment’s metadata, a comment metadata editor is included but is not fully functional yet. Top comments are also displayed at the bottom of each post or page, showing the number of votes, an excerpt and the author’s name.


Simply install via the WordPress Plugins menu in the admin panel by uploading the .zip file.


Q. What is a “boost”?
A. As stated, this is a plugin simply for fun which makes references to “HighSchool DxD”


Added meta editor

Fixed several issues and bugs

Added comment author’s name in “Top Comments:”
Rearranged line structure
Fixed bugs

Rewrite of most code

Planned Updates

Limiting the number of comments in “Top Comments”.
Having links to jump to a certain ‘top comment’.
Downvoting “Divide” option to halve a comment’s score.
Storing an MD5 hash of the user’s IP to prevent multiple votes per comment.
Allow meta editor to properly edit comment meta, especially ‘_boostocomments’.
Styling and images to improve visuals.

Try out the latest version in the comments below!
Disabled until I fix it up.

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  1. Qklese says:



    You are a man of many talents.

  2. Gary29 says:



    Holy shit, you’re a programmer?

    This actually sounds really cool, looking forward to its implementation one day.