Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 5 Afterword

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It’s Shiki Mizuchi here, greeting you from the depths of deadline-hell. I’ve recently been so busy with my writing work that I haven’t had any time for my hobby of composing music (laughs). Even though I have no time, it’s truly troubling that the number of music synthesisers at home has continued to increase. Audio mixing software has been trending in recent years, and the biggest advantage is that they don’t take up space. For example, VOCALOID, which is famous for Hatsune Miku, is also a type of mixing software. VOCALOID3 is expected to be launched this autumn, and as a digital audio enthusiast, it’s something that cannot be missed!

Although that preface was a bit too long, [Seikoku] has finally reached its fifth volume. While it is summer here in reality, the Academy City Ansarivan finally enters the summer break too. However, as soon as the summer break began, Ash got involved in a ridiculous mess…as for what kind of commotion it is, please read this volume!

The ‘introductory arc’ entitled [The Knight of Eco] has officially concluded with this volume. Compared to when she was first born, Eco has grown tremendously, and her femininity is continually increasing. Many more mysteries about Eco and the dragon race will continue to be revealed. She is no longer just a naïve young dragon. As you watch her become ‘a girl in love’, you will also see her face a different breed of troubles from now on…when will Ash be able to find peace!?

The following are my acknowledgements. Shoji-san, you always gives me such careful guidance. It’s already been a whole year since the first volume of [Seikoku] was published! Happy first anniversary!

In addition to Eco and the Mother Dragon on the cover, the illustrations throughout this volume have also been just as beautiful, Shimesaba Kohada-san. I’m very pleased with the design of the new character, Mirabel!

Artist of the manga version, RAN-san — in the past, I also entered the manga industry for a short period of time as a creator, but I repeatedly hit snags in my work at the time, and I hope that I can understand my shortcomings through RAN-san’s version of [Seikoku].

And to all of my readers — thank you for your support! Whether it’s the letters, emails or mobile survey responses, I feel energised every time I read them!

Well, let us meet again soon. For the readers who cannot wait, please be sure to enjoy the manga version of [Seikoku] by RAN-san in the monthly Comic Alive! In the next volume, the new arc entitled [Avalon Knight Dragner] will be unveiled. Will Rebecca-san finally reveal her special skills…?

July 2011, Shiki Mizuchi

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