Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 3 Afterword

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To all readers, it’s been a long time — I’m Shiki Mizuchi. Before I realised, we’ve already arrived in the year 2011. I will continue to do my best with writing this year. [Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi] has finally reached its third volume. The content of this volume is about a traditional activity which is held in the Academy City of Ansarivan — the Selective Training Camp. Since the stage is set at the lakeside training camp, please be sure to appreciate the girls’ swimwear. In addition, a new female character is introduced, and she has elvish ears!

Between the second and third volume, a variety of events occurred around the author. The most noteworthy of these occurred in November last year. The opportunity to attend the Media Factory Newcomer Awards Ceremony was a unique memory for me. After all, the writers who I normally admire stood before my very own eyes! I hadn’t attended a grand event like this award ceremony for about four years, so I was really quite touched. Even though I say this, it seems that people will say ‘but you’ve already debuted for a few years!’. Being able to chat with the editors whom I usually do not have the chance to meet was also another bonus. The most interesting gossip I’ve heard is that [Seikoku]’s nickname in the editorial department is [Tentacles]. It’s truly a rather shocking fact!

I am ever indebted to Shoji-san and Shimesaba Kohada-san. Although I always give trouble to you two, please look after me this year. And, to the readers who support me — thank you for sending me your thoughts and opinions via letters and emails, and thank you also for responding to the survey on mobile devices. Reading your letters over and over again gives me a lot of energy. This is a precious treasure to me as the author!

Let us meet again in the next volume. In the next volume, will the moment of Eco’s awakening finally arrive…?

January 2011, Shiki Mizuchi

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