Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 2 Afterword

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Not long after [Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi] was published in June, my friend sent me an email to say: ‘Your name is on the news’. Naturally, I wasn’t able to recall having done anything wicked. After opening the web link in trepidation, I discovered that it was an Akihabara-style news site, and there was an article titled ‘[Seikoku] sales rising!’. For a moment, I thought that it was a mistake. But as proof that the report was in fact true, editor Shoji-san informed me that the first volume was urgently being re-printed less than a week after the initial release. They had even begun preparing for the release of overseas translations. Such an achievement is all thanks to the support of the readers. Thank you!

After three months, [Seikoku II] has been successfully published. The content of this volume focuses on Silvia. Please stop to appreciate Silvia’s cover illustration. She’s so beautiful that it’s against the rules…! I can totally understand how Shoji-san couldn’t help but madly yell about ‘her ass’. The design of Lancelot has also been released for the first time. The most fascinating part of Lancelot is undoubtedly its mane and those blue eyes like Silvia’s. Both of those ideas were provided by Shimesaba Kohada-san. If not for Shimesaba Kohada-san’s input, there is no way this story could continue. Regrettably, although the plot of this volume revolves around Silvia, Lancelot barely had the chance to appear. I hope it will have a good chance in the next volume.

The publishing of [Seikoku] also brought with it some surprises to the author’s daily life. For example, Kaitou Reiji-sensei sent me an [Azu-nyan] figure as a gift to congratulate the urgent reprint. Azu-nyan is truly so cute…! I’ve positioned her in the most stylish location of my home studio as a decoration, and I sincerely look forward to sensei’s latest volume of [Unbreakable Machine-Doll] which is to be published in autumn.

Moreover, as soon as [Seikoku] was released, I received a congratulatory call from Matsuno Akinari-san. I was overjoyed and spoke with him on the phone for a long time, so I apologise for that. I am also looking forward to the animated version of [MM!] next month~.

This time, I have once again been in the care of Shoji-san and Shimesaba Kohada-san, as well as all of the other staff. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you.

Let us meet again in the third volume!

September 2010, Shiki Mizuchi

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