Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Volume 1 Afterword

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—Riding a beautiful young dragon girl!

Using the above as a starting point, I hope that everyone has been satisfied with [Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi]. I am Shiki Mizuchi who has debuted with MF Bunko J. It was some time at the end of last year when Shoji-san of MJ Bunko’s editorial department raised an idea and asked me if I was interested. After half a year, this new work was finally born!

Although the story takes place in a fantasy world, the basic structure still follows a traditional school romance. For some reason, the young dragon Eco was born into this world with the appearance of a beautiful human girl. Although her appearance is cute, her arrogant personality is not so flattering. The one who is at the mercy of Eco’s arrogance is of course our male protagonist Ash, but as her master, he must try to control this feisty dragon. Will Ash be able to become an outstanding knight for Eco? This will be a core theme for the plot. I hope that all of you can enjoy the book’s world with in a relaxed manner.

The concept of ‘human beings controlling someone (or something)’ is common in human history. There have been nomads who wandered on horseback, commanders of large armies, people who commissioned artists to paint according to their tastes, fighter-jets which race through the sky, F1 racers who drive cars with more than 700HP, and even producers who create songs…and so on.

—There is a controller, and the object which is subject to their control. When their wavelengths align with each other, they can often produce incredible results. Sometimes, one may think that they’ve managed to control someone, but they don’t realise that they’re the ones being controlled. Akin to interpersonal relationships, this is something worth exploring in-depth.

And now the acknowledgements. Firstly, thank you to MF Bunko J editor Shoji-san. It’s certainly not easy to work with an author who immediately runs away from every slight mistake, but Shoji-san has been patiently guiding me in the right direction. I will be troubling you a lot in the future, so I look forward to working with you, Shoji-san.

Thank you to Shimesaba Kohada-san who is responsible for the illustrations of this novel. Every time I see Shimesaba Kohada-san’s new illustrations, I always get thrown into a whirlpool of excitement and joy. Whether it is the character designs, setting, dragons or clothing, it always exceeds my own imagination as the author, so I end up using the opportunity to correct my manuscript.

Thank you to Kaitou Reiji-san who has given me support ever since I debuted. My email correspondence with you is the biggest motivation for my continued creation, and I am also the most loyal fan of the [Unbreakable Machine-Doll] series.

Lastly, thank you to all readers for your support and encouragement. Whether or not the young dragon Eco is able to grow up into an adult rests in the hands of the readers. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to write a letter to the editorial department.

February 2010, Shiki Mizuchi

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