HighSchool DxD Volume 24 (Life.5)

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Life.5 The Death God and the Hyoudou Family’s Breast Technique

Part 1

I — Hyoudou Issei, waited for the arrival of that person within the barrier that Rossweisse-san and Bina-shi had created. Our location was a wilderness area that was a far distance away from [Fafnir Stadium]. After listening to Ravel’s strategy plan, I came here. The plan was extremely simple. If we continued to defeat the Grim Reapers serving below him, Thanatos would eventually make his own entrance in person as the leader. By aiming for the instant that he appeared, we could use the transportation magic circle technique that was capable of sending even Loki away. It would have caused a lot of trouble if a legendary Grim Reaper ran amok near the venue, so we decided on a wilderness area where it wouldn’t matter no matter how much destruction was caused. Rossweisse-san who specialised in sealing techniques was accompanied by Bina-shi, but they would not be stepping forward unless I was defeated. This was the combat strategy that Ravel had come up with to protect the audience members who were watching the game, and also to protect her best friend Koneko-chan. As for the final stage of this strategy, after confirming the attack of the Grim Reapers, we would send out assistance teams to Sairaorg-san and Dulio. It would be helpful to have Sairaorg-san and Dulio in this battle against Thanatos, but they were unable to immediately rush over, so Ravel requested support from the various factions. …If those two arrive, this battle will be much easier…I wonder if they can make it in time? They’re already busy enough trying to deal with the riots caused by the mystery Devils in their territories…. I equipped my crimson armour, and after waiting for a while — a transportation magic circle appeared before me. The one who emerged from the magic circle was a Grim Reaper with a tremendous aura, and an exquisitely decorated cloak. The Grim Reaper — Thanatos looked around at his surroundings whilst wearing his skull mask, and then directed his eyes back towards me again.

<<A forced transfer…. Indeed, I heard that the same thing happened to Loki. It’s quite a clever technique.>>

A scythe appeared in Thanatos’ hand. Its blade exuded a potent aura—. I calmly asked

“Why are you doing something like this?”

<<The reason — there is more than one.>>

Thanatos gradually shortened the distance between us as he responded to my question.

<<First of all, in order to prevent the leakage of research data on artificial Super Devils, it must be completely destroyed.>>

“It would be fine to leave that to us to deal with, but you don’t appear to be satisfied with that. Is it because there was something wrong with us finding out about the research?”

<<I want to completely vanquish all of the research evidence before Hades-sama finds out about it.>>

…Wasn’t it meant to be for Hades?


I couldn’t help but ask.

<<…It’s just like the Devils’ side, Sekiryuutei. We are not entirely unified. …But, everything that I do is for the sake of the Netherworld’s future that I envision.>>

Not entirely unified huh. Regardless of whether it was Orcus-san of the conservative faction or Thanatos here, the Netherworld seemed to have complex problems of its own.

“…Well, what are the other reasons?”

<<Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate everyone who carries that research data. In order to prevent Hades-sama from obtaining any relevant information at all.>>

So that’s why…that’s the reason why he targeted Koneko-chan…!

“I won’t allow you to interfere with Koneko-chan and Kuroka.”

<<That is fine. That is precisely why you are the Sekiryuutei of this era.>>

Thanatos erected his index finger.

<<Another reason…is extremely simple. My comrade Pluto was defeated at the hands of the Hakuryuukou. But he shouldn’t have felt dissatisfied with that. He was able to touch the power of a Heavenly Dragon which can reach even a god—. As far as I’m concerned, I also would like to have a taste of your power, as you are considered to be the Strongest Sekiryuutei in History.>>

……In the end, it doesn’t seem like we can continue to talk like this. Not only are you targeting Koneko-chan, you’re also hoping to fight against me. I, no, we only wanted to protect the peace! I got into a fighting stance.

“Even if you are a god — I will destroy you. This is not a game. I am the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth], and I am also the [Pawn] of the [Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess].”

<<Please do try to fulfil my request, Hyoudou Issei. Allow this god of death to witness your full power.>>

Thanatos swung his large scythe down. This marked the beginning of my battle against the ultimate-class Grim Reaper. As I charged forth, I fired off several Dragon Shots at the same time! Thanatos left behind a black and blue afterimage as he dodged with an insanely high speed. I corrected the direction of my Dragon Shot, and I continued to fire it towards Thanatos as I approached! My demonic energy blasts all landed direct hits — but Thanatos was unscathed as he continued to approach me! So an attack on the level of a Dragon Shot isn’t even enough to scratch him huh! Even if I released my wyverns, they would easily be knocked down. Thanatos swung his scythe, and I quickly evaded it…the scythe cut through the ground’s surface. Every time Thanatos swung his scythe, a large scar would be left on the surface of the ground. He had such incredible power that every single movement of his scythe was enough to change the shape of the terrain—. If his ordinary attacks had so much power behind them, then he was far stronger than Pluto was! In order to move in for a melee attack, I charged towards Thanatos, and I began to punch him when we were almost face to face. However, it felt as though I was hitting air, and there was no solid sensation or feedback that I had actually hit him. And unbeknownst to me, Thanatos had circled behind and he prepared to swing down his scythe. What I was hitting had actually been an afterimage! I activated the Crimson Blaster cannons in my wings and fired them at Thanatos! As I rotated on the spot to adjust my stance, I extended Ascalon out of my left arm and thrust it towards Thanatos. Before he could disappear and leave his afterimage behind, I used the power of [Penetrate]!


The ability that allowed me to pass through any object had been infused into Ascalon. Thinking that it would be bad if he was hit by that, Thanatos immediately retreated backwards. I instantly reacted and flew forwards — I flew above Thanatos and then released my cannon blast.

“Crimson Blasterrrrrrrrrr!”

A tremendous bombardment of aura descended towards Thanatos who was right below me. —But, it missed him, and once again, Thanatos circled around behind me! I flapped my dragon wings to turn my body around, and Thanatos used his scythe to parry Ascalon! When our blades clashed, Thanatos laughed

<<Indeed, you’re very strong. But it should be extremely clear after this brief encounter. —In this form, you have no chance of winning.>>

……It was something that I knew from the very beginning! But, if it’s that form, then…! —How can I possibly tolerate a provocation like that? I flew away from Thanatos to put some distance in between us. Say, Ddraig. Continuing on like this would just be a waste of stamina, right?

[That’s right, and in the off-chance that you don’t respond well enough, you could suffer a serious amount of damage. True [Queen] is no match for him at all. It wouldn’t make much of a difference even if you used partial Dragon Deification.]

Then, even if there is a time limit, I need to decide the outcome here. It’s also quite difficult to wait for both Sairaorg-san and Dulio to arrive. I took a deep breath, and then recited the chant of power.

“—The Crimson Red Dragon dwelling within me, awaken from your dominance”

A dazzling crimson glow was emitted from the jewel of my right gauntlet.

[—The Crimson Heavenly Dragon I possess within me, rise up to become a King and roar]

A jet-black aura was released from the jewel of my left gauntlet.

“—The jet-black God of Infinity”

An immense crimson aura enveloped my entire body—.

[—The glorious God of Dreams]

The jet-black aura that symbolised infinity was then encased over it.

“[Watch over the false forbidden existence we shall become that transcends the boundaries]”

My crimson armour was then tinged with a jet-black pattern. The power of the Dragon God that embodied the infinite had been unleashed.

“[—Thou shalt dance like radiance within our inferno]”

“<<[D∞D!! D∞D D∞D!! D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!! D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!! D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!!!!]>>”

All of the jewels resounded with a soul-penetrating voice that echoed out [D∞D!!]. A ∞ symbol emerged on all of the jewels!

“[<<Dragon ∞ Drive !!!!!!>>]”

After undergoing Pseudo-Dragon Deification, I charged straight towards Thanatos, and the aftermath of that caused all of the surrounding scenery to be blown away. I thrust my aura-coated fists across! Thanatos simply left behind an afterimage as he evaded my attack — but my fist which had pierced through the empty air caused the ground beneath it to crumble. Upon watching the scene unfold before his very eyes, Thanatos chuckled

<<Such inconceivable offensive power! Indeed, if I take a direct hit, then I’ll surely be blown away!>>

“I’m going to say this first — I’m angry! You’re interfering with the girls who have promised their futures to me, and also the important match of my lifelong rival!”

After saying that, I began to chase Thanatos, and threw punches and kicks at him at close range whilst moving at a godlike speed! I didn’t feel the sensation of having hit him, but unlike before, my opponent no longer had any breathing room to spare. His cloak was badly torn up during his attempts to evade, and even his scythe became deformed. After Thanatos took a new scythe out of nowhere again, he said

<<So you’re protecting not just the women, but even the Hakuryuukou! You’re truly interesting! Is this a so-called camaraderie?>>

“This is a game between the women that I fell in love with, and also the man that I appreciate as my rival. I’ve been looking forward to this match far more than anyone else. —After I defeat you, and cut you down, I’m going to watch the game. It’s that simple!”

Thanatos moved with such speed that the residual afterimages that he left behind surrounded me. Could they possibly be clones? The clones of Thanatos swung their scythes towards me from every single direction, but I used my fists to repel all of them. However, the clones seemed to have a perfect coordination, and I was cut by them all at once. In my mind, I suddenly recalled the knowledge that a Grim Reaper’s scythe could cut even the soul. But even though I had been cut, my armour was fine, and my body was completely unharmed as well. Thanatos couldn’t help but feel astonished by this.

<<—What!? I cut you with my scythe, but I can’t cut your soul!? Could it be that even your soul has the power of Ophis!?>>

…That’s right, my strength is an manifestation of Ophis’ power. Since Ophis represents the infinite, I suppose it isn’t surprising that her power can provide this level of protection. Moreover, my body itself exists thanks to Great Red and Ophis, and it was formed from a combination of their powers.


—Not good! The countdown doesn’t wait for anyone! This form can only be maintained for ten seconds. In order to decide the outcome quickly, I made preparations to use ∞ Blaster. —But an unknown pattern appeared on my four cannons.

<<When you attacked, I used a sealing technique on your cannons! Although I can’t completely seal them off, I don’t think you’ll be able to lift it before the countdown ends!>>

Kuh! He actually used that kind of technique as well! I began to try and gather my aura and direct it towards the barrels of my cannons — but I was unable to properly send my draconic power into them!

[8! 9!]

Whilst trying my best to use my cannons, the countdown continued to tick! With this amount of time, it won’t be enough for me to open the armour on my chest to use Longinus Smasher! Left with no other choice, I increased the aura in my arms to their utmost limit!

“<<[D∞D!! D∞D D∞D!! D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!! D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!! D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D D∞D!!!!!!!!]>>”

An unbelievable mass of aura gathered in my hands, and I unleashed it towards Thanatos all at once! The enormous crimson Dragon Shot was fired off towards Thanatos. —But, Thanatos was well-accustomed to high-speed manoeuvres, and he was able to dodge it! If my Dragon Shot that was evaded crashes into the barrier that Rossweisse-san made, then things will be bad. I had no choice but to make the Dragon Shot collapse in on itself. The remnants of that crimson aura scattered in the air.


As soon as the countdown finished, Dragon Deification was lifted, and I reverted back to my crimson armour. …An instant wave of fatigue hit me. It was the repercussion of Dragon Deification. My stamina was almost completely exhausted…! The absolute flames which can burn even a god to ashes — I can’t use [Blazing Inferno of Scorching Flames]. I might be able to establish superiority if I use that move…but if Thanatos approaches Rossweisse-san or Bina-shi with those flames and spreads the flames that cannot be extinguished to their bodies, then….

[That’s right, precisely because those are the ultimate flames, there are limitations on their use. Especially under circumstances where you have allies present, it cannot be freely used. If the flames spread to your allies, then there’ll have been no point.]

…It was precisely because those flames were so powerful that there was a terrifying side to them. No, even with Dragon Deification, if I didn’t control it properly, then it could have a significant impact on the world, so it was necessary to be careful when using it. I gasped for air as Thanatos approached me.

<<You are able to fight on equal footing against gods, and the only weakness that you currently have is your time limit. If you face a god-class…no, even if you face a Maou-class opponent, they would be able to outlast that ten second countdown. If that happens, then it’s not possible to fight equally against a god with just your crimson armour.>>

…That is indeed my weakness. But that’s all I can rely on right now to fight. Thanatos began to attack me! Because I had consumed an immense amount of stamina, my movements became slow, and the ultimate-class Grim Reaper was able to hit me easily. He slashed at me with his scythe! A portion of my crimson armour was shattered as my abdomen took a direct blow. An intense pain struck my entire body…. But within my body — it didn’t feel as though my soul had been damaged. Thanatos once again felt surprised by the result before his eyes.

<<…Even when Dragon Deification has been lifted, it seems I still can’t harvest your soul. Your body contains a terrifying power, and this is the best evidence of that. If it is impossible to destroy your body together with your soul, then it is impossible to defeat you.>>

So even in this state, the special ability of Grim Reapers is still invalid to me huh. Ddraig said

[That’s right partner, your soul has a power that rivals Ophis’ curse. Even if it’s the technique of a god-class being, it cannot touch your soul, partner. So from the very beginning, the scythe of a Grim Reaper has had no effect on you. All it can be used for is physical damage.]

Since when did this effect begin from? Did it manifest the first time that I underwent Dragon Deification?

[I don’t know, but it is certain that the power flowing from Ophis is constantly rising. Her spawn Lilith is also by your side, and that makes the effect even more remarkable. This is just my speculation, but that person…the Dragon God of Infinity wants to make you the third Dragon God, partner.]

So does the same go for Vali? Doesn’t his Maouification borrow Ophis’ power as well?

[Perhaps the Two Heavenly Dragons will reach Dragon God-class at the same time.]

I see…although it seems as though the Dragon God at my house acts freely and doesn’t think about much, I didn’t imagine that she had such deep plans. Having said that, the current situation is still quite difficult to overturn…. Rossweisse-san was also looking over at me with worry, and Bina-shi had also stated that she would join the battle if things became too dangerous…. Do we have no choice but to release the barrier so that the three of us can fight against Thanatos together? But for Thanatos, his priority would be to transport himself away so that he could go after Koneko-chan—. The original purpose of this barrier was to seal off the quick movements of this Grim Reaper. Even if we told him where that hair ornament was currently stored, Thanatos already said that he would completely eliminate everyone related to the research, so that would be meaningless. Just as I racked my brains in distress about what the next best course of action was, Thanatos suddenly said

<<…I can feel three souls within your body. There’s you and the [Welsh Dragon] Ddraig…so who is the other person?>>

This Grim Reaper-sama just mentioned some incomprehensible words! Neither Ddraig nor I could understand, but then a voice suddenly echoed out from my jewel.

[Ise, it’s jii-chan.]



…The owner of that voice was so unexpected that my mind completely blanked out, and I froze in astonishment. However, that voice spoke again.

[Ise, it’s me. Your grandfather.]

—Indeed, it’s jiiiii-chaaaaan!


[Your grandfather!?]

Ddraig was surprised too! The fact that my grandfather’s voice had come out from his own jewel was probably quite shocking! Even so, if even Ddraig couldn’t have expected this, it seems like it’s pretty amazing!?

[This is impossible! Just what kind of ability did you use to enter my Sacred Gear whilst we were talking!?]

The tone of Ddraig’s voice was coloured in surprise, but jii-chan calmly answered

[I asked the great Shaka-sama, and he did something. Of course, the Dragon God-sama also said that she wanted to help.]

Ddraig let out an agonised voice.

[Shaka and Ophis!? Well, of course they would be able to intervene!]

Is that possible!? I’m surprised too! I couldn’t keep up with this pace at all! Jii-chan said

[It looks like you’re in a pinch. Ise, I’ve heard that you’re pretty good at developing breast techniques.]

“No, saying I’m good…although I have developed some, what has that got to do with this!?”

Dress Break and Pailingual are both limited to women, and hence they have no effect on Thanatos!

[Ise, now is the time to realise the dream of that time. It’s what we often spoke about when we used to play with plastic models of robots and space battleships.]

As he said that rather abruptly, jii-chan’s overflowing vigour caused the jewels of my armour to shine brightly!

[Let me help you recall those childhood memories you spent with me!]

In the next instant, I was forced to rekindle the memories of my childhood—.


While at jii-chan’s house in the countryside, I went with jii-chan to a nearby model store to buy plastic models of robots and spaceships with him. Jii-chan often bought the models and figures of female characters that appeared in the franchise…. He would always order it from that model shop where he would deliberately go to pick it up—. I was envious of the figures that jii-chan bought. I really wanted them, but jii-chan said

“If you’re not an adult, you can’t buy these.”

Citing that as the reason, he didn’t buy them for me. In a corridor by the courtyard of the house, jii-chan and I played with the models—. To be precise, most of them were made by me, and I couldn’t help but feel fascinated by the cool robots and space battleships. I referred to the instruction manuals as I assembled them, whilst jii-chan looked at his ero magazines beside me while touching his ero figures…. I looked with pride at my accomplishments, while jii-chan said

“Between Ise’s model and jii-chan’s figure, let’s see which one is stronger.”

I put the robot into a cool position to attack, and jii-chan moved his figure to respond to it.

“Take this, jii-chan. Wave cannon!”

“Too bad! This figure onee-san’s oppai barrier allow her to deflect the wave cannon!”

“Eh! Jii-chan, that’s not fair! What’s an oppai barrier!?”

“You will understand one day! No matter what kind of attack it is, and no matter how powerful the enemy is, they will never defeat oppai. You like oppai too, right?”

“Mmhmm! I love them!”

Upon hearing my reply, jii-chan revealed a satisfied smile as he rubbed my head.

“Oppai contain the ultimate power. That’s why, when robots and space battleships attack, they must gather the power of oppai in order to attack. Oppai beam! Oppai wave cannon! Like that. In this way, regardless of whether you’ve built a robot or a space battleship, you’ll be able to defeat jii-chan’s ero figure, Ise.”

“That’s amazing, jii-chan! It sounds really cool, but I don’t get it at all!”

“Hahaha! You don’t understand huh! Well to be honest, I don’t really understand it either! But, oppai are the strongest. So long as you have the power of oppai, you’ll be able to overcome any difficulties, no matter what they are! Oppai!”


“Alright, Ise. Hurry up and use that robot’s gun to fire an oppai beam. With that, you might be able to beat jii-chan’s ero figure.”

“Oppai Beam!”

“Ugyaaahh! I – have — been — beaten — ah —”

Jii-chan and I continued to play around with models and figures using oppai attacks until the sun sank beneath the horizon—.


I finally remembered that early childhood memory. Tears streamed out of my eyes as I wept.

—Aaaaaahhh, this is a brutal memory! Why did jii-chan make me remember this kind of thing at such a crucial moment, jiiiiiiii-chaaaaaaaaan! However, jii-chan said.

[—Preparing wave cannon.]

At that time, the tail of my armour — it began to move as if it had a will of itself. It wasn’t in accordance to my will, nor was it the intention of Ddraig. That tail seemed to be aiming for something. My tail — it actually extended! And it rushed straight towards Rossweisse-san!

“Eh!? What’s happening!?”

The tail of my armour suddenly stretched, and Rossweisse-san didn’t even have any time to react as my tail reached Rossweisse-san’s oppai. The tip of the tail spread open, and then covered Rossweisse-san’s oppai as it latched on! Dokun dokun…. My tail began to pulse.

“…Ahm! Aaahh!”

Rossweisse-san let out a sensual moan. My tail which was connected to her seemed to be absorbing something from her chest! Jii-chan said

[Gather the power of oppai, and then let out a big one! —That’s right, it’s a wave cannon!]

The cannons of my armour automatically aimed at Thanatos with apparent confidence!

[Don’t worry, jii-chan is here by your side to help out. I’m thoroughly aware of your ero desires.]

[W-What is this!? P-Partner! Inside me, the inside of the Sacred Gear is being used by your grandfather!? Is this something that your grandfather is even capable of doing!?]

“…He is my grandfather. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he was the origin of my ero nature…”

[Are you serious!? You’re just going to accept this!? Do I also have to face this reality!?]

Ddraig was flabbergasted—. It was inevitable. Although I wasn’t too sure about things, it did appear that jii-chan was somehow fiddling around inside the Sacred Gear. Indeed, he was the origin of my ero nature…. To be honest, I’m pretty confused as well! What exactly is jii-chan doing!?

[I accumulated virtues whilst in Paradise. I’m sure the great Shaka-sama will also be delighted.]

Are you sure!? What are these ‘virtues’ that you speak of!? Moreover, how is this related to Shaka-sama!?

“There is no mistake. This is Siddartha’s — Shaka Nyorai’s request.”

Another mysterious voice came out!

“Sekiryuutei who controls breasts. I am Kannon Bodhisattva [1]. After listening to the request of your grandfather Hyoudou Juuzou, I came to help you.”

Kannon-sama!? What’s going on!? What’s what!? What on earth is happening!?

[Even Kannon Bodhisattva has come out!? Do the mythology systems even work like this!?]

Ddraig couldn’t help but cry out. Kannon-sama said

“Your song has made many people smile even in Paradise. The people who have passed away can sing and dance even more joyously in Paradise, and we are truly grateful to you for birthing such a song. This is a small token of gratitude from the Buddhas.”

My song…actually has such a far-reaching influence…! This time, it was Thanatos’ turn to feel surprised.

<<T-This can’t be possible! Shaka Nyorai…and even Kannon Bodhisattva are helping the Sekiryuutei!?>>

Thanatos lifted his scythe up, and then rushed towards me — Kannon Bodhisattva created a halo of light behind me, and Thanatos was then bathed in that light!

<<Guuaah! Such intense light!>>

Thanatos seemed to fear the light that was released by the Bodhisattva-sama and was forced to retreat. Meanwhile, a stream of energy (?) was drawn from Rossweisse-san’s oppai, and an incredible aura began to gather at the cannons of my crimson armour. Jii-chan said

[Thanks to the power of Kannon-sama, that silver-haired young lady’s oppai power has already been converted into demonic energy.]

I was no longer sure of what to even say about the situation before my eyes, but my cannons had already gathered a power that was capable of rivalling the power of Dragon Deification’s ∞ Blaster.

“…Mmn, aaahh!”

As my tail continued to suck on Rossweisse-san’s oppai, Rossweisse-san’s body continued to tremble without rest and she let out passionate moans! On my jewels — the number 96 appeared! This was exactly the same number as Rossweisse-san’s bust size!

[Come on, Ise. Get ready. Its name — you will decide on the name of the wave cannon yourself.]

He gave me another difficult problem. …F-Fine, I’ve already named quite a few different techniques, so I’ll show you….

“—How about Nyuutron Beam Cannon [2]…”

[Hmm, although I don’t know what that ‘nyuutron’ is, it’s fine as long as it sounds good.]

What are you complaining about!? It’s a good name that I had to come up with on the spot, so you should give it some more respect! Jii-chan said to Rossweisse-san

[You are Rossweisse-san, yes? —For the sake of the future, please endure this embarrassment for now. This is your role as a woman.]

“—Mmm. …I feel like I understand, yet I don’t understand at the same time…but I can hear it in my chest.”

Rossweisse-san!? Are you just going to accept that!? Aren’t you the least bit confused about this chaotic development!?

[Ise, this cannon blast will depend on the size of a woman’s bust, and its power will vary based on that. Rossweisse has nice and big breasts, so you’ve been able to obtain an astounding amount of power. However, if the number was in the triple-digits, you might even be able to gain a much more absurd power.]

B-Based on bust size, its power can accordingly change. —Oppai in the triple-digits. In my mind, I imagined Akeno-san….

[It’s ready to go!]

With jii-chan’s yell, the muzzle of the cannons also locked onto Thanatos completely!


I shouted the name of the Grim Reaper as I prepared to fire the cannons. Thanatos held his scythe up, and began to drift away from me. It was clear to him that taking a direct hit from this would not be good.

“—You must be defeated here.”

But, Bina-shi clearly understood that the outcome of the battle would be decided in this moment, so she stopped assisting Rossweisse-san to hold the barrier, and she joined the battle whilst releasing her demonic energy. In order to stop Thanatos, Bina-shi unleashed an enormous blast of aura. Because it was a Maou-class attack, even as an ultimate-class Grim Reaper, he wanted to avoid a direct hit, and so he hurriedly retreated away from it. I once again corrected the angle of my cannons’ trajectory, and aimed for the moment at which Thanatos would land—.

“—Nyuutron Beam Cannon, fireeeeee!”

An enormous — pink aura flew out from the muzzle of my cannons. Sparkling with the radiance of oppai power, it mercilessly swallowed Thanatos. The blast that was on par with ∞ Blaster blew aware the entire landscape and surrounding area—.


After the cannon blast finished, the wilderness had undergone a tremendous change, as a large crater was left behind in the wasteland…. Thanatos had collapsed at the bottom of the crater. As I approached him, Thanatos said to me

<<…A-A splendid fight, Sekiryuutei…>>

They were words of praise for me.

<<In the near future, I think you might become a deterrence who can destroy even those who are god-class beings…fafafa!>>

Revealing a complicated expression, Thanatos continued to laugh with satisfaction

<<…Fafafa, Hades-sama…you curse the Three Factions more than anyone else…you’ve been imprisoned far more than anyone else……the Netherworld…will never be anything more than the Netherworld…>>

Leaving only those words behind, Thantos lost consciousness and fainted—.

“Sorry for the wait!”

“Sorry for taking so long.”

A short while later, Sairaorg-san and Dulio finally arrived as a result of Ravel’s negotiations…but they were both extremely surprised to see that I had almost single-handedly defeated Thanatos. We…with the help of jii-chan and Kannon-sama had stopped Thanatos’ ambition—. 

Part 2

After we defeated Thanatos, we handed our defeated opponent over to Sairaorg-san and Dulio so that they could transfer him over to Beelzebub-sama’s interrogation unit via a magic circle. We communicated the news that we had defeated Thanatos to our comrades, and from what we could hear, it appeared as though the Grim Reapers on the other sides had also surrendered because their master had been defeated in battle.

“As expected of you, Ise-sama!”

In order to investigate the post-battle situation, Ravel had hurried over to my side. She also began to liaise with the various other parties. With the battle now over, I turned around to look at Rossweisse-san. —The power of her oppai had been absorbed, and thus they had temporarily become flat. It was the same as when I had borrowed power from Rias in the past, as her oppai had become flat as well. I could still remember the deep sorrow I felt at the time, and I never expected that the same phenomenon would be triggered again this time. Tears silently streamed down my cheeks. Aaahhh, Rossweisse-san’s beautiful oppaaaiiii!

[Don’t worry, they’ll return to their original size before long, so be at ease.]

—Jii-chan said to me…. Kannon-sama had left after that, but it seemed as though jii-chan was still here. Well, since this incident has come to a somewhat peaceful end, I want to tell Koneko-chan and the others, but they’re still in the midst of a match. I’ll have to tell them after the game is over. Just as those thoughts streamed through my mind, jii-chan spoke to me again

[No, you can probably speak to them. Just then, I tried installing various interesting features into your Sacred Gear. Ise, don’t you have the ability called Pailingual? I tried to add something onto it.]

What is jii-chan saying!?

[Nnn, no, it’s fine…]

Ddraig no longer had any intention of voicing his objections! Has he already given up!? Jii-chan said

[Through oppai, you can communicate with oppai that are far away. Although it seems as though there are a lot of conditions that have to be satisfied, the girls in the game should be able to hear your voice.]

Even if you say that…talking with oppai that are far away, what are you even going on about!? After asking jii-chan about the specific method, I called Ravel over to my side.

“Ise-sama, what is it?”

Ravel looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Ravel, let me borrow your oppai. I want to say a few things to Koneko-chan.”

“…I-Ise-sama, please tell me in a little more detail.”

I explained the situation to the baffled Ravel — and for some odd reason, she seemed to understand, and she began to nod deeply!

“I understand. Please try it.”

Ravel swiftly revealed her bare chest, and her refreshing oppai bounced out in front of me! Ravel!!!! I’m ecstatic that I get to see such wonderful oppai with my eyes, but aren’t you way too trusting of my words!? No, I guess you have immense trust in my breast techniques…! The situation unfolding before me was difficult to put into words.  I followed jii-chan’s instructions to imagine the person whom I wanted to speak to in my mind, while I used my left hand to squeeze Ravel’s beautiful right breast. An extremely pleasurable sensation coursed through my hand! I began to think about Koneko-chan and Kuroka.


A sensitive murmur escaped from Ravel’s mouth. And then, after having a strong will to connect with them, I moved my right hand to her left nipple — and pressed! My finger was teased with the ultimate sensation!


Ravel’s breath had a feverish heat. After releasing my pressed finger, I spoke to her oppai.

“Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan. Kuroka too. Can you hear me?”

Truthfully speaking, this was a situation in which I was speaking to oppai…but what I received was a startling response

<<…Ise-senpai? Is it Ise-senpai?>>

—It was Koneko-chan’s voice! I really reached her! I wonder what will happen to my breast techniques…. I couldn’t even understand this myself anymore, so it was quite scary.

<<Sekiryuutei-chan? What is this? I can also hear Shirone’s voice, and it’s almost like we’re having a conversation with our souls…>>

I could also hear Kuroka’s voice. It seemed as though I had successfully formed a connection with those two. Jii-chan said that this was a skill that allowed for direct dialogue between psyches which were far away from me (women only). This was my other new technique — [Pai Phone [3]]. Jii-chan is seriously amazing. In such a short span of time, he’s actually revealed so many new possibilities…! Perhaps jii-chan is a specialist who can draw out my talent in this area! Jii-chan’s laughs were transmitted out of the jewel

[Kakaka, I’m not that great. All I’ve done is remind you of the dreams and ambitions that you’ve held since early childhood, Ise. The dreams and goals that you imagined as a child can easily become a pillar of foundation throughout your lifetime.]

…I-I see. I certainly do think that’s when my foundation began…. I quickly told Koneko-chan and Kuroka about my technique and the news that Thanatos had been defeated. The two of them were currently engaged in a fateful confrontation. They continued to talk to me in their minds whilst fighting. Although I felt a bit guilty about interfering with their duel, I still had to convey to them that they were safe, and then quickly hang up. All of a sudden, Koneko-chan asked me in surprise.

<<Ise-senpai, you used Ravel’s breasts to call us, right?>>

Ravel was also able to listen in, and so she replied

“No, right now, I am currently just a telephone to maintain the spiritual connection between Ise-sama and Koneko-san. I’m fine just as a phone.”

<<H-How could…>>

Upon hearing her friend’s preparedness, Koneko-chan seemed to have been rather shocked. On that topic, communication speed and the connection status also differ depending on the oppai. After a series of subsequent investigations, Ravel’s oppai were found to be the most suitable breasts by far for communication.

<<To be honest, I really want to cut off this phone call…>>

Koneko-chan said, but Kuroka seemed extremely interested instead.

<<In that case, let’s decide the winner while Sekiryuutei-chan is listening, Shirone!>>

Kuroka issued a challenge.

<<The one who wins gets to become his bride. How’s that?>>

<<—! I…will become Ise-senpai’s bride! I won’t back down on this even if it’s nee-sama!>>

The two sisters are fighting over me huh. …I could no longer hold back, and I let all of the emotions that were bottled up in my heart flood out.

“…No, that won’t do.”

Koneko-chan had already said that she wanted to become my bride. Kuroka had said that she wanted to have my children, to be by my side, and to become my family—. I have to respond to them. As the Sekiryuutei! As Hyoudou Issei! I have to give them a good response!

“I — no matter who wins, I’ll make both of you my brides! If you’re going to decide who my bride is with this kind of outcome, then I won’t be a true Harem King! Koneko-chan!”

I made a clear and plain declaration.

“I accept your proposal! Please be my bride!”

<<—Mmm. ……Yes.>>

I got an answer. And with that flow, I continued speaking to the other person!

“And, Kuroka!”

<<W-Wah nya!?>>

After listening to the proposal to her sister, she was still engrossed in surprise and hadn’t yet come back to her senses, so she let out a sluggish murmur. But I didn’t care as I continued to ask

“Are you in love with me? Truly?”

Kuroka replied in an earnest tone

<<…In the beginning, I only thought of you as a substitute for Vali. Vali’s rival. When I’m together with you, my heart beats in a joyful rhythm, and it’s fun just to hang out with you. I only wanted children in the past, a Heavenly Dragon’s children…I just wanted strong genes. If Vali couldn’t, then I’d choose you. But, things are different now. …You’re incorrigibly stupid, and hopelessly honest. Even though you’re a pervert, and an idiot after all…even though you just had to be gentle towards Shirone, you took good care of me as well…you gave us sisters a peaceful place to live…. If I’m together with you…then I feel at ease. When I see your smile, my heart becomes filled with love…>>

 The voice of Kuroka’s heart — included heartfelt tears.

<<…For people like us, you went and took on such a stupid fight. Surely, your body is covered in wounds, right? Even though your opponent was a god…. Even if they are a god, you’ll protect us from their hands, so how could I possibly dislike a man like that!? Mmm, that’s right, ever since a long time ago, I fell hopelessly in love with the man named Hyoudou Issei…I love you.>>

After listening to Kuroka’s confession, I bluntly answered her.

“I understand. I also love you, you know? How could I not realise that from a girl who would ask me to give her my genes? Even so, watching your ordinary life…although I was a bit worried, you made sure that your little sister Koneko-chan always came first, and I think a gentle sister like that is sure to be a good woman.”

Kuroka was a hopelessly mischievous cat, and our initial encounter was the worst. She had released that toxic fog. She was usually lazy, and liked playing pranks…. But, it was clear to me that she was a kind woman. She was a girl who saw her little sister as a more important existence than anyone else. She was a girl who prayed for peace more than anyone else. I knew all of this!

“Are you okay with me?”

Kuroka immediately answered my question.

<<It must be you. Sekiryuutei-chan…no, Ise! I want to have children with the gentle you!>>

Since that’s the case, I’ll make up my mind. I faced Ravel’s oppai, and cried out

“In that case, together with Koneko-chan — be my briiiiiiiiiiiiidddee!”

In the middle of the wilderness, I let out a cry of love towards a pair of oppai—.

Part 3

After the battle against Thanatos, we returned to [Fafnir Stadium] — we headed towards the audience area. All of my comrades had gathered at the entrance to audience area, and they watched the live broadcast stream that was projected in the air. I asked Xenovia who was nearby

“How is the game going!?”

“Ise! Look quickly! It’s really intense!”

There was a separate display for each scene, but in one of the screens, the battle between Koneko-chan and Kuroka was nearing its climax! Koneko-chan in her Shirone mode released white-flamed Kasha at Kuroka, while Kuroka skillfully used her various Youkai, demonic, and senjutsu techniques to easily negate all of Koneko-chan’s attacks. Seeing this, Koneko-chan began to use physical techniques in tandem as she approached Kuroka, and then began an assault of punches and kicks at a close range with her touki-coated body. Koneko-chan’s wild onslaught didn’t give Kuroka any time to rest, and Koneko-chan’s physical prowess was already far beyond her sister’s. Kuroka used a small-scale transportation technique on herself to try and increase the distance between herself and Koneko-chan, but Koneko-chan had already foreseen that her sister would use this technique, so she predicted the spot at which her sister would appear, and immediately rushed towards it. She once again engaged in close-quarters physical combat with her sister, and her sister was finally injured. Because they normally lived together all the time and did various things together, it was only natural that she had become able to understand how her sister would think and act. Kuroka looked at the figure of the younger sister who had caught up with her — and smiled. With a smile of pleasure on her face, Kuroka said

[Shirone! The winner — can take the lead in getting the first night with our future husband, Ise! This is a battle between sisters for the first night!]


Koneko-chan was surprised! I was shocked as well! The battle between those two sisters has actually been bet on such an important thing! Koneko-chan immediately took it seriously and prepared her stance.

[……I understand. I accept that challenge!]

This provoked the commentator.

<<Umm! I don’t quite understand…the sisters’ first night…? That must be at stake in this battle! It seems this has become a battle to decide who will get the first night with the Oppai Dragon…you truly make me envious, Oppai Dragon!>>

Uh, since I was near the audience area, it was unlikely that many people would notice me, but I was still really embarrassed by that! This is going to get published in the newspapers, and the media will be gossiping about it as well! The showdown between Koneko-chan and Kuroka intensified further, and at that time, jii-chan spoke to me from the jewel of my Sacred Gear again.

[Alright, Ise. —It’s almost time for me to say goodbye to you.]

—What! Such a sudden parting. No, jii-chan already died long ago, even though I had spoken to him through the Ungaikyo recently!

“Jii-chan!? W-Why!? You’re just going to enter my Sacred Gear without permission, and leave like that as well?”

[I would feel bad for Ddraig if I just continued to stay in the jewel forever. I can’t continue to stay in this world either and spy on the erotic scenes of my grandson and those young ladies. Don’t you agree?]

“T-That’s true, it would certainly be quite embarrassing.”

Ddraig would feel worn out, and I wouldn’t want jii-chan to see all of the ero stuff that I get up to with the girls! Jii-chan continued

[You belong to the Devils of the Bible, and I must return to the Paradise of Buddhism. Our mythologies don’t align. There may be no further chance for us to meet each other again.]

After listening to jii-chan’s lonely words, I said

“…We’ll meet again. There’s that mirror, even though we can’t use it too many times.”

After using the Ungaikyo once, it would take a long time to see that same person the next time. In most cases, each person was limited to a single time.

“I’m able to live for a long time right now, so I might have the opportunity to use the Ungaikyo again…I will make my name even more renowned in Paradise, so that the gods on that side will invite me to visit!”

Jii-chan — although I couldn’t see his face, I’m sure he was extremely satisfied. Jii-chan left some final words behind for me

[Ise! A harem! You must realise your harem! When you meet a cute girl, propose to her! If you get proposed to by a cute girl, you must not hesitate to accept her!]

Jii-chan finally cried out.

[My grandson — is the best Oppai Dragon!]

And my conversation with jii-chan was then cut off there—. …He went into the jewel on his own, and helped me to develop new techniques without asking…. …Jii-chan, thank you. Although it was quite a mess, it’s all thanks to you that I was able to protect Koneko-chan and Kuroka—. Although jii-chan’s departure was quite sudden, the match unfolding before my eyes was becoming more and more heated—. Both Koneko-chan and Kuroka were rather worn out. Koneko-chan breathed heavily as she said

[Kuroka-neesama, let’s finish this!]

[Yeah, come at me with your best!]

Using demonic energy attacks, black-flamed Kasha, kicks and punches combined with senjutsu and touki, Kuroka mercilessly attacked her little sister with everything that she had to offer. Koneko-chan released kasha — and then released her Shirone mode and reverted to her normal form as she continued to surround her body with touki! And then, it happened! Koneko-chan’s tail — turned into three! A tremendous amount of touki enveloped Koneko-chan! Even right now, Kuroka was only capable of manifesting two tails! At this critical moment, Koneko-chan had evolved to have three tails. Koneko-chan’s eyes shone with a golden light! Koneko-chan’s movements accelerated to a point where it was difficult to even keep up with the naked eye, and she far exceeded Kuroka’s ability to follow! It was difficult even for me to see clearly! The fast-moving kasha that Kuroka released was no longer able to catch up to Koneko-chan’s ultra-high-speed movements—. Eventually, Koneko-chan’s speed increased to a point where even her footsteps became silent as she charged towards Kuroka’s body. By the time that Kuroka even noticed, Koneko-chan’s fist had already plummeted into her abdomen. Pow! —That clear, resounding noise echoed out from between the two sisters. After a moment, Kuroka’s body wavered. As her body trembled, Kuroka lovingly hugged Koneko-chan.

[…It seems there’s a big difference in terms of physical ability. You’ve become stronger, Shirone…]

Kuroka’s body was enveloped in the light of retirement. Kuroka stroked Koneko-chan’s cheeks.

[It looks like you’ll be just fine without me. You’re already so strong…]

Holding onto her sister’s hand as she was about to disappear, Koneko-chan let out large tears.

[…No, even if I become stronger, I’ll still need Kuroka-neesama. —Because we’re sisters.]

Kuroka — faded into the light.

<<Of the [Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star] team, one [Bishop] has retired.>>

An announcement to affirm Koneko-chan’s victory was broadcast across the field—.


Koneko-chan had attained victory for herself, but the game was not over yet. On another screen, His Eminence Vasco Strada was still fighting against Arthur. Both of the swordsmen were wielding holy swords which were enveloped in a holy aura—. Every time their blades clashed, waves of holy aura were released, causing destruction to the entirety of the surrounding area. The road upon which the two of them were standing was on the verge of collapse, and all of the nearby buildings had collapsed. The last time — in the battle during which the Church warriors started a rebellion, Arthur ended their battle prematurely due to the difference in their physical strength…. This time, His Eminence Strada had reverted to the days of his fifties — the movements of His Emience at his prime were very smooth, and his untiring and fierce attacks continued to move towards Arthur. Arthur used Collbrande to block the attacks, but he was forced to kneel down every time he blocked an attack. Although he did his best to stand back up and escape from a bad situation, he still continued to be overwhelmed underneath His Eminence’s frightening power. Arthur used his holy sword to pierce a hole in the space, and then put his blade into it. It was an ultimate technique that was used at close-range and allowed the tip of his blade to pierce through close to his opponent, but His Eminence was still able to dodge and negate it. Even in the body of a relatively old man, he was still able to dodge them all! Arthur had also become considerably stronger since that battle as well! Arthur continually used spatial portals to attack from blind spots, but that monster still — His Eminence Strada was still able to dodge! Just as Arthur pierced through space, the aura of his holy sword was released for an attack at the same time, but His Eminence maintained his distance and evaded each blow one after the other. …If it was me, then I wouldn’t have known about the timing of his attacks, and I would’ve been hit! Just like last time, Arthur tried to avoid direct clashes of their blades as much as possible. It was already made clear to him that he was unable to match the strength of His Eminence at his prime. Although Arthur intended to evade, His Eminence didn’t allow him to do so by approaching and beginning a close-quarters fight. Even in the close-range fight between the two of them, Arthur’s talent in swordsmanship could be seen, but His Emience was overpowering and forcing Arthur back with every swing of Durandal—. Amidst the fierce clash of blades, Arthur suddenly jumped back and pulled away. His Eminence said

[You are indeed an excellent swordsman. I can’t help but admire the fact that you’re a rare talent. —But, there are a few technical immaturities that can be seen from time to time.]

Arthur didn’t speak, and simply continued to breathe heavily. It seemed like Arthur would be the first to run out of stamina this time. His Eminence continued

[After relying only on your own talents over the countless battlefields that you’ve traversed, your technique has been tainted by a slight sense of vanity. —Although there are a few effective techniques, it is impossible to break my Durandal.]

Arthur smiled with irony.

[…When you say that, I have nothing to say in return.]

However, Arthur still didn’t give up, and he channeled holy aura into his blade again! He let loose a holy wave from afar! Collbrande’s holy aura shone with a dazzling radiance and had an immense size! —But, the only action that His Eminence Strada took was to tense his left arm, causing his enormous muscles to swell even more. Collbrande’s holy aura rapidly approached, and in contrast, His Eminence thrust out his fist to unleash aura from it! The holy aura released by Collbrande collided with the holy aura released by his fist — and was scattered by the power of the Holy Fist! The momentum of the Holy Fist didn’t stop with that, and ran straight through the tall building that stood behind! The announcer roared

<<It’s appeeeaaarrreeed! Holy Fist! The origin of the Holy Fist that the reincarnated Angel, Captain Angel Nero Raimondi-senshu used!>>

The commentator was also stunned.

<<…The power is greater by several orders of magnitude. To think that there exists a fist capable of easily taking down an entire building…!>>

When His Eminence Strada came to Kuoh Town, Xenovia, Irina and I had asked His Eminence. How can we become that strong? What do we need to do to enshroud our fists with holy aura? His Eminence clenched his fist as he spoke to us

[Listen closely, children. Even before I became a teenager, I vowed in my heart that I would become a warrior of the Church. I kept praying, I kept thinking, and I kept on training day after day without interruption. O Lord. Please grant this fist of mine divine mercy. Endure, endure, endure, endure…there was not a day of slack as I continued to train for many hours every single day. Even when I went into seclusion, I didn’t neglect anything at all.]

His Eminence gripped the cross hanging in front of his chest as he continued

[When you acquire the spirit to believe that a miracle will occur without doubt, when you have an unshakable and just heart, and a persistently trained body, that is when your fist will be filled with mercy.]

His Eminence’s power was not caused by a miracle; rather, his power caused a miracle. That was what I understood in that moment. Arthur’s face was covered in sweat, and his chest heaved with every rough breath as he said

[Perhaps I’ll lose…but even so, please allow me to fight until the final moment. I will hold on as a miracle could be born in an instant, and that is because I am a man who fights alongside the Hakuryuukou.]

His Eminence showed a fearless smile as he accepted Arthur’s invitation—.

[Yes, that is correct. Resignation is what kills a warrior[4].]

His Eminence maintained the upper hand as they continued to fight. On another side, Kiba and Bikou were still fighting. Bikou had made clones of himself, while Kiba created Dragon Knights to counter them. The clones and the Dragon Knights clashed with each other, while the two real people confronted each other as well. Kiba wielded Gram and Bikou wielded his Ruyi Bang as they exchanged blows with a speed that was so fast that it was not visible to the naked eye. After Kiba underwent rigorous training with His Eminence, the way that he used the demonic sword Gram in a close-range fight had changed; he released a vast amount of aura in the instant of the sword’s impact in order to compensate for his lack of power. That was why Bikou — was being pressured by Kiba’s continuous slashes right now! Bikou pulled away and extended his Ruyi Bang from a distance to attack, but Kiba moved like a streak of light and instantly ran behind Bikou, and then swung his demonic sword down! He occasionally used his sandanzuki, which far exceeded Bikou’s ability to evade! Eventually, Bikou’s Ruyi Bang was cut apart!

[My rod!? Damn it!]

However, Bikou reached into his ear with his fingers and took out a second Ruyi Bang. After Kiba took a deep breath, he repositioned his stance and allowed the Dragon Knights to disappear. A countless number of holy-demonic swords then sprang up from the ground in that area! Bikou was forced to dodge, but Kiba instantly shrunk their distance and swung Gram down whilst it was coated in the aura of a holy-demonic sword! At the moment of impact, a tremendous power was unleashed, and Bikou could do nothing but endure! Bikou shouted

[Tsk! How did a guy like you learn to use such power!?]

Kiba fearlessly laughed.

[After all, His Eminence’s training was extraordinary. In order to train for strength and stamina, it’s necessary to change one’s diet and daily life! Thanks to all of that, I’m able to deliver a better power output at the moment of my sword’s impact!]

Just as Kiba said, by using this method, the power of his strikes were only amplified at the moment of impact. This was a very suitable skill for Kiba who had an emphasis on technique. He would normally make use of his technique, but when it came down to the finishing blow, he could then use power—. …With His Eminence’s guidance, my friend and rival had evolved beyond what I had expected! It looked as though the battle between His Eminence and Arthur, as well as the battle between Bikou and Kiba would continue for a while! In another place — there was an incredible change. In the park, purple flames incessantly burned, and a giant Angel gradually grew in size! Is that…Lint-san’s Balance Breaker!? As thunder loudly roared, Akeno-san unleashed her enormous Holy Lightning Dragons down towards the park that was below her! Le Fay used sturdy defensive magic circles to resist! The battles occurring in the park were also very intense! And in another place, Vali was fighting against Crom Cruach, and the battle between those two had caused immense destruction to the field. It was the first time that I had seen Vali’s Maouification, but…the quality of his aura was beyond belief! A mere blast of his demonic energy was sufficient enough to blow everything in its path away! All of the buildings surrounding them had already vanished, and their battlefield had become a vast open plain! Vali’s Maouification seems like it’s even stronger than my Dragon Deification!?

[Although there are aspects where you wouldn’t be inferior to Vali, Vali seems to be stronger overall.]

—Ddraig said. Moreover, Crom’s attacks were also extremely ferocious! Relying only on physical attacks and a dragon’s flames and aura, he was able to generate a tremendous impact on the field. Vali had no choice but to endure Crom’s violent assault. As their battle intensified even further, I had to wonder whether they would be able to decide a winner first, or if the field would collapse first as a result of the destruction caused by the battle of the two dragons—. But, the outlook of the game had shifted in a different place. The announcer shouted again

<<What! Rias-senshu covered her body in Gasper-senshu’s power…but that dark shroud is gradually peeling away!>>

Looking over, the black thing fighting against the giant Fenrir is…Rias? Only now did I realise that that thing was actually Rias! What happened!? Although it had an aura of darkness, it was also enveloped in the red aura of destruction at the same time, and that’s why I was able to recognise that it was Rias. The third eye on her forehead — could that possibly be Gasper?

“She moulded Gasper…Balor onto her own body!”

Upon hearing my remark, Asia replied

“Yes, apparently it’s Rias-oneesama’s new technique…it also looks like she’s reaching her time limit.”

Rias, who had turned into a black beast panted heavily. A black aura was continually leaking from her body, and it was quite obvious that her strength was constantly weakening. The giant Fenrir’s body had also been covered in injuries as a result of its fight against Rias, and blood had soaked its fur, but it was still intent on fighting. Xenovia bitterly said

“Damage can be healed by Valerie’s Sacred Gear…”

Irina then said

“But it cannot replenish stamina. It’ll be dangerous if Rias-san’s stamina runs out.”

Rias descended onto the rooftop of a building that had yet to collapse, and she tried to gather demonic energy into her hands. In the distant sky, something was flying over—. Taking a closer look, it appeared to be a golem, it was Gogmagog! The ancient golem was firing its engine as it flew towards Rias at high speed! The commentator explained

<<Oooooohh! Gogmagog-senshu was wrecked in the early stages of the game, but it is re-joining the fight now! The ancient weapon has the ability to repair itself, and that’s why it is able to catch up at such a critical point in the game!>>

Gogmagog fired off laser beams towards Rias. Rias planned to use the demonic energy in her hands to retaliate—. But Fenrir howled and then bit off a nearby iron pipe and tossed it out. The iron pipe pierced the wall of a large building that was nearby. I don’t know what the purpose of that was — but Gogmagog released a powerful laser beam into building where that iron pipe had been stabbed! Suddenly, Gasper’s scream echoed out!


The beam mercilessly drilled out an enormous hole in the building! The next instant, an announcement from the referee was broadcast.

<<Of the [Rias Gremory] team, one [Bishop] has retired.>>

—That was the announcement of Valerie’s retirement. I see, Rias hid Valerie in one of the large buildings in case of an emergency. But Fenrir noticed that, and it was able to communicate that to Gogmagog. The teamwork between that golem and wolf was surprisingly good! The outstanding silent cooperation between the monster and weapon of the Vali team left us all surprised! The announcer yelled

<<A vicious ray of light! After making it this far into the game, Valerie Tepes-senshu has retired! The team of Rias Gremory has now lost its means of recovery!>>

After defeating Valerie, Gogmagog flew through the air and then aimed at Rias. Fenrir also followed closely and kept its eyes glued to Rias. It seemed as though both of them still had the capacity to fight. I couldn’t help but feel worried upon witnessing this scene.

“No matter how strong Rias is right now, facing both Fenrir and Gogmagog at the same time is—”

If this goes one, she’ll lose — just as I thought that, someone jumped between the buildings and arrived at Rias’ side.

[Princess! I’ve come to help!]

—It was His Eminence Vasco Strada! Not only me, but the entire venue began to brim with excitement!

<<He’s finally coomeeee! Vasco Strada-senshu has made it!>>

Such a development actually occurred! His Eminence had arrived just when Rias was in a pinch! Uwah, even I can’t help but feel emotional when an old swordsman arrives when my girlfriend is in a pinch!

“Was there an announcement about Arthur’s retirement!?”

I asked. The fact that His Eminence was able to rush over to this side meant that a winner must have been decided, but—

“No, I don’t think he’s retired—”

Following this, Xenovia looked over to the screen which Arthur was on. Arthur had collapsed on the road, and it seemed as though he was unable to get up. His stamina had already been completely exhausted. It looked like he couldn’t even move a finger anymore. Arthur had actually become physically exhausted. His Eminence descended onto the rooftop of a skyscraper in order to protect Rias. He looked at Fenrir and Gogmagog as he said

[The wolf or the golem. Or is it both?]

His Eminence raised the holy sword in his hand—. But the aura of darkness — Gasper separated from Rias’ body. From that dark form, Rias returned to her usual form…and Rias instantly collapsed onto the rooftop. Her breathing was greatly perturbed, and it looked like she was unable to stand up as well. The dark Gasper said

<<Rias-oneesama…our [King] has already reached her limits. I think you should announce your retirement.>>

Gasper proposed that they surrender. In response to this, Rias tried to protest. The colour of her face…also looked pretty bad.

[…Gasper, what are you saying…]

The dark Gasper shook his head.

<<This technique…it will be dangerous to continue using it. Taking into account the future of this Tournament, everything will have been for naught if you don’t retire now…. Please, Rias-oneesama, any more is…>>

Gasper pleaded. Rias was currently in a very dangerous situation, and that was clear to everyone who was watching.


Rias let out a regretful moan. After gasping and breathing roughly for around ten seconds—

[…I surrender.]

Rias — surrendered, and declared her own defeat. The announcer cried out

<<What what whaaaaaat!!!! Rias-senshu has chosen to declare her own retirement!!!!!>>

A broadcast of the referee’s voice was also immediately heard

<<Rias Gremory-senshu’s declaration of surrender is accepted. The game is over! The winner is the [Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star] team!>>

—Hmm. …We were also lost for words. Xenovia and the others closed their eyes quietly. …Arthur had been beaten to a point where he was no longer capable of movement, Kuroka had been defeated, Bikou was heavily pressured, Gogmagog had been broken once, and the true Fenrir had suffered so much damage…. What an incredible match. The team lead by the one known as the most powerful Hakuryuukou had been hit so hard. I — clapped! My comrades also followed suit and applauded. This spread throughout the audience seating area, and the entire venue was soon flooded in applause. The audience gave them a standing ovation! On the display, both Vali and Crom were completely battered, and their battle had come to an abrupt end. With his armour damaged in various places, Vali’s chest heaved in great motions as he said

[…To think that it ended like this. I guess this is a so-called game.]

Crom wiped the blood flowing down from his forehead as he said

[Hmph, there are a few things that are still quite unresolved, but it’s also true that I haven’t been able to enjoy something like this for a long time. Don’t worry, the Tournament still has a long way to go. Will you be able to win if we meet again?]

[Yeah, that’s right. That is the principle of this Tournament. Even if this Tournament is not enough, there’s always the next one. And besides, if you just want to spar, then there will surely be a chance.]

Crom excitedly laughed in response to this.

[Fuhahahaha! This is such a good era! I can actually fight openly against you, the Sekiryuutei, other dragons, and even with gods. When this first began, I thought it was a mere joke…but to people like you and I who look forward to such battles, there couldn’t any better Tournament than this. …Though the rules are a bit of a nuisance.]

Vali shrugged.

[Well, it’s just a matter of getting into the habit.]

Vali approached Crom and extended his hand out for a handshake — Crom smiled as he brushed Vali’s hand aside and flew over to Rias. Vali looked at his rejected handshake attempt and cheerfully laughed by himself—.

Part 4

After the game ended, we went to visit the medical office. Rias had been carried there due to her poor physical condition. Rias returned to the medical room after her medical examination was complete. The report stated that it was an after effect of enduring Gasper’s Balor power. As a result, all of her stamina and demonic energy had been depleted, and that’s why she collapsed. Lying in her bed, Rias pouted.

“…My loss was seen by Ise and the others…”

I held Rias’ hand.

“It’s okay, although it was a combined technique with Gasper, it’s incredible that you were able to have such a fierce battle against Fenrir until the very end.”

Those were my heartfelt words. In order to fight against Fenrir last year, we invested a considerable amount of effort. With this in mind, Rias’ new technique was phenomenal. Though in that regard, the gigantic Fenrir was probably only at eighty percent of its original strength. Incidentally, Kuroka and Valerie who had retired earlier were lying on the neighbouring beds. Valerie didn’t have any obvious external injuries because she was taken out in a single shot, but she was resting just to be on the safe side. Kuroka had been fighting against Koneko-chan, and it would have been better if she slept peacefully in order to restore her physical strength as soon as possible, but—. She was currently hanging on my back, and playfully flirting with me.

“Even I’ve become one of your wife candidates now nyan ♪ Ise Ise, afterwards, let’s find a place for our wedding ceremony nya.”

Koneko-chan left Kuroka’s side and walked towards Rias.

“Rias-neesama. There’s something that I’ve decided on.”

With a determined expression, Koneko-chan faced her master, and at the same time, she also spoke to Rias as if she were her sister

“—I plan to change my name back to how it was back then…to [Shirone].”


Let alone me, everyone else who was present was extremely shocked by this! Even Kuroka was surprised by this sudden proclamation. Rias was the only person who calmly accepted this, and she raised the upper half of her body in bed as she said

“I see, so you finally made up your mind.”

Koneko-chan quietly asked

“I plan to use [Shirone] as my real name, and [Koneko] as another name. Do you agree, Rias-neesama?”

With a gentle expression, Rias replied

“There’s no need to ask for my agreement. As long as that’s what you want, then it’s fine. It’s best for you. —Shirone.”

Rias pulled Koneko-chan closer as she embraced her. Koneko-chan revealed a joyful smile whilst she was buried in Rias’ bosom.

“Thank you, Rias-neesama.”

Koneko-chan continued

“But, I won’t throw aside the name that I received from you either, Rias-neesama. So that’s why my name will be [Toujou Shirone] from now on.”

Toujou Shirone—. It’s a good name. At that time, Kuroka raised her hand

“Then, can I imitate that and go by the name of [Toujou Kuroka] from now on? I should also have a surname nyan.”

Rias smiled as she said

“Yes yes, as you wish.”

However, Kuroka stuck out her tongue as she said

“But, [Hyoudou Kuroka] sounds fine too nya ♪.”

Koneko-chan — no, Shirone-chan turned to thank Ravel this time.

“—Thank you, Ravel. For protecting our game.”

“It’s okay. In fact, I feel proud to have been able to help you. Kone…Shirone-san.”

Shirone-chan held her friend’s hand.

“Just Shirone is fine. We’re friends after all.”

“—Mmm. …Got it, Shirone.”

I also asked Shirone-chan

“Would it be better if I also called you Shirone-chan?”

“I don’t mind if you call me Koneko-chan just like usual, Ise-senpai. Koneko is also my name. But—”

She spoke in a somewhat shy manner

“…In public, and in ceremonies, please call me by my real name Shirone…”

“I understand. You’re Shirone-chan and Koneko-chan!”

She’s Shirone-chan and Koneko-chan! She’s Koneko-chan and Shirone-chan! I might occasionally make a mistake, but no matter which one it is, she’s still the same Koneko-chan and Shirone-chan. Although Rias’ team had been defeated, they had still gained a sense of fulfilment from somewhere. His Eminence Strada had also returned to his original age, and was cheerfully drinking a bottle of sports drink in a corner of the medical room. Lint-san was also quite exhausted, and she was currently sleeping on an empty bed. By the way, after the incident was over, Ikuse-san’s team rushed over to various places to report and explain the situation. They were just as busy as usual. And then, Ravel suddenly said

“Ise-sama, fighting in order to protect someone. …Even though I’ve been watching your battles so closely, I still forgot something so important, Ise-sama…. After fighting in order to protect Shirone and Kuroka-sama, it feels as though the important thing in my heart that I forgot about has been reawakened.”

In response to this, Bina-shi said

“Ravel-san, I believe this is a battle that would be categorised with [Kingship]. This is the glorious path that our [King] walks upon—. Since you stand by the Oppai Dragon — Hyoudou Issei-san’s side, you mustn’t forget this.”

Feeling deeply touched by what Bina-shi said, Ravel nodded with an emotional expression.

“…Bina-sama…. Yes!”

The battle with the Grim Reapers had occurred behind the scenes of the game, and it seemed as though Ravel had made great progress because of that. —Just as I showed a satisfied smile at the growth of my two juniors Koneko-chan and Ravel, Koneko-chan suddenly stood in front of me.

“Ise-senpai, please bend down a little bit.”

I did as Koneko-chan said and crouched down. My eyes became level with hers.

“Like this, so now—”

Koneko-chan’s lips touched my lips—. It was a kiss — from her. The sensation of her lips were so tender, Koneko-chan…Shirone-chan’s face was dyed the brightest shade of red.

“My first kiss.”

Kuroka cried out!

“Ah — that’s sneaky nyan!”

Kuroka pulled my face over and forcefully kissed me! She even pushed her tongue in as well, but as a result, Shirone-chan pulled me away from Kuroka and shouted!

“Kuroka-neesama is too aggressive!”

After saying that, Shirone-chan kissed me again! Kuroka then pulled me back over and stole my lips! Asia and the others then rushed over!

“You can’t keep kissing Ise-san!”

Irina and Xenovia also protested!

“Yeah! That’s already more times than me and darling!”

“In that case, we can increase the number of our kisses with Ise right here!”

I was pulled around back and forth between the five people! Rias also looked at all of us and got caught up in the situation.

“If Ise and I kiss, I might be able to recover a little sooner.”

After saying so, even Akeno-san—

“Ara ara, I think I’ll also participate later.”

There were another pair who were also eager to kiss! I’m very happy, but my body can’t endure! There are seven people, seven! Although I’m extremely happy, I only have one body! All of a sudden, the words that jii-chan spoke reverberated in my mind.

—Ise! A harem! You must realise your harem! When you meet a cute girl, propose to her! If you get proposed to by a cute girl, you must not hesitate to accept her!

Dear jii-chan in Paradise—. I will try my best to become a Harem King, so please stay there and watch over meeee!

(All 4 of 4 parts) (18/5)

[1] Kannon Bodhisvatta is also known as ‘Guanyin’, the Goddess of Mercy in Buddhism.
[2] Alternate reading is ‘Super Breast Wave Cannon’. The ‘nyuu’ in Nyuutron is a way of pronouncing ‘breasts’ in Japanese.
[3] Alternate reading is ‘Breast Telephone’.
[4] Alternate reading is ‘man’.

Continues on to New Life

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