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Fantasia Heroine 2015 Calendar Book

Rias: “Speaking of summer, what comes to mind for everyone?”

Ise: “The ocean of course! A blue ocean! A dazzlingly bright sun! A white sandy beach! And ladies in swimsuits! Splendid breasts, buttocks and thighs!”

Koneko: “…Chilled noodles, watermelon, shaved ice and a barbeque would be nice too.”

Asia: “With regards to school, I think it’s definitely summer vacation! I’m truly thankful that we live in Japan where we can have so many holidays! …Well, most of that time was spent in the Underworld, but it was still fun!”

Akeno: “As for something else…a ghost story or something like that, I suppose?”

Rias: “Yes, a ghost story! It’s very fitting for us as the Occult Research Club!”

Gasper: “A g-g-g-g-g-ghost s-s-story!? I-I-I don’t like ghosts!”

Ise: “…You’re a pretty frightening Vampire yourself, you know…? Besides, as Devils, Vampires and Youkai, I think our very existences are like a ghost story.”

Irina: “Well, I’m an Angel though! I’d be troubled if we start talking about ghost stories and horror together!”

Xenovia: “Ghost stories, huh. Stories about ghosts then? Well, back when I belonged to the Church, I did help exorcise some evil spirits that had possessed believers of the faith.”

Ise: “Out of curiosity, how did you do it?”

Xenovia: “Hmm, I forced them out of the believers’ bodies and killed them with Durandal.”

Ise: “That isn’t any different than usual!”

Rias: “Speaking of which, it isn’t uncommon to receive such requests in our Devils’ Jobs.”

Kiba: “That’s true. I’ve also defeated an evil spirit.”

Ise: “Huh, that’s interesting. What kind of request was it?”

Kiba: “Well, it was fairly orthodox. When a family had just moved into an apartment, they experienced various strange phenomena in a room every night.”

Asia: “W-What did you do then?”

Kiba: “Let’s see…I felt an eerie sensation as soon as I entered the room, so I told the client to wait outside while I used demonic power to lure the evil spirit out. Most likely, the person who had mysteriously died in that room held a grudge and they turned into an evil spirit.”

Irina: “It’s always the same regardless of where it happens around the world I guess.”

Kiba: “To begin, I would try to see whether it’s possible to converse with it. If it’s possible, then I’d listen to what its conditions are to pass on to the afterlife.”

Ise: “And if not?”

Kiba: “It’s unfortunate, but the only choice is to get rid of it before it causes any harm to humans.”

Xenovia: “As expected, it’s the same process for every faction. You just have to resort to using force.”

Ise: “…No, so you’re saying it’s useless, Xenovia?”

Koneko: “…I’ve also been asked to perform exorcisms many times.”

Rias: “Koneko has an impressive wealth of experience there.”

Koneko: “…Yes, one place that I received a request from was quite terrifying. It was a problematic property as all of the residents who had moved there were met with accidents, and they became mentally unstable. Although it was meant to be sweltering hot as it was summer when I went there, the air was really stagnant, and I felt cold even though it was summer. I noticed someone gazing at me, and when I looked up towards the second floor from the outside — there was a young woman with long hair who stared back at me.”

Gasper: “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!”

Ise: “…Stop covering your ears, Gya-suke, you’re a man! So, what happened next, Koneko-chan?”

Koneko: “…Apparently, there was an awful murder which happened there in the past. When a jealous wife confronted her cheating husband about his affair, she was murdered. Her body was also cut up into pieces and buried under the floor.”

Asia: “…Uuh, just listening to it is scary.”

Koneko: “…Since then, the ghost of a young woman has always appeared before those who try to live in the house, and she’s relentlessly cursed them. I received a request to exorcise that spirit. It’s hard to explain in a few words, but all of the strange phenomena that occurred in the house were quite horrific. Naturally, there were many ghastly phenomena such as a woman suddenly appearing behind people, and a lot of hair floating around in the bath.”

Ise: “…S-So what happened in the end?”

Koneko: “…I was unable to negotiate with her, and she attacked me. …Since she was problematic even for me as a Youkai, I countered with a punch and then followed with a Shining Wizard [1].”

Xenovia: “Hmm, it sounds right that even a ghost fell to Koneko’s knee.”

Ise: “No no, a professional wrestling match didn’t break out between a Nekomata and an evil spirit, right!?”

Koneko: “And I finished her off with a Brainbuster [2].”

Ise: “As expected, a physical attack totally makes sense against a ghost!”

Rias: “Devils can’t be defeated by evil spirits.”

Akeno: “Ufufu, the evil spirit that Koneko-chan met was a very glamorous woman though, right? I hear she had very large breasts.”

Ise: “Seriously!? I-Is that true, Koneko-chan!?”

Koneko: “…That’s what you’re interested in huh. You’re really the worst.”

Ise: “Uoooh! I want spirit exorcism requests as well! I’d like to have a nice conversation with a busty ghost!”

Xenovia: “Geez, how very like you that is, Ise. —Gasper, you’ve been really quiet.”

Gasper: “…U-Uuuuh…”

Irina: “He passed out.”

Ise: “…So, what are we supposed to do when a Vampire is the first one to faint at a ghost story!?”

(Part 1 of 1) (19/6)

[1] Shining Wizard: A professional wrestling move where the attacker swings their knee at their opponent’s head.
[2] Brainbuster: A professional wrestling move where the attacker performs a vertical suplex on their opponent.

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