HighSchool DxD DX1 (Life.5)

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Life. 5 Love Song to the Reincarnated Angel

Life.5 Love Song to the Reincarnated Angel – a preview

It was getting colder and colder outside, it felt like the winter was really approaching—. Inside the clubroom, it was only the three of us — me, Asia and Xenovia.

“Say, when Irina and I are doing our own jobs, what is she doing?”

I was sipping on a cup of tea in the clubroom, and couldn’t help saying this.

“Heaven — doing some jobs in Heaven.”

Sitting across from me, Xenovia replied. Huh? An angel’s job in Heaven? Irina is the only reincarnated angel who is a member of our Occult Research Club. Besides her, all the other members are devils, although Azazel-sensei who is the advisor for the Occult Research Club is a fallen angel. In everyday life, Irina naturally joins in with us, but at other times, she’s mostly alone. An example would be when we do our jobs as devils. Although we members who are devils gather at the clubroom in the middle of the night, waiting for the calls of humans, during that time, Irina is not with us. Even if devils, angels, and fallen angels, these three major powers are at peace, an angel coming to do a devils job is something that cannot happen. Well, sometimes she will show up at the place where we’re working to give us some drinks…. But never once has she directly helped us out with doing any contracts.

“Occasionally on holidays she’ll go out by herself, I think it’s related to her job as an angel…”

Asia said as she used a fork to pick up a strawberry from a small slice of cake. That said, what kinds of jobs was Irina doing during the times I didn’t even know about?

“…An angel’s work? That’s seems interesting.”

I unconsciously said that aloud, after which Asia and Xenovia’s faces lit up. …Regarding angels, and matters relating to Heaven, they reacted instantly, children who were originally believers of God….

“That’s right, Irina’s job — no, the ordinary work of an angel is quite interesting. Even though I was originally a warrior of the Church, I don’t know anything about it. In regards to Irina’s job, I want to go and see it as a friend, right, Asia?”

“Yes, Xenovia! Even if it’s just once, I want to see what an angel’s job involves!”

Ah, this feeling, it seems somewhat strange. These two people have completely entered into a state of passion and belief for the Church. Indeed, this was because before they were originally from the Church before they were reincarnated, so being interested in it was inevitable.

“…But, surely, it would be troublesome for some people…”

Asia said as she quickly restrained herself. Although everyone suddenly became interested in it, if you calmly think about it, it will definitely give Irina — and the Heaven’s side a lot of trouble. The gentle and calm Asia made a very reasonable conclusion. However, as Asia was thoughtfully concerned about this, a girl suddenly entered, boldly opening the door, and appeared before everyone — it was Irina. Irina made an understanding expression as she continually nodded and smiled.

“A-Ahem, I heard that just now! No problem, three people can go together! To observe my work!” This time it looks like I’ll be going along with the Church group….

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