Help me and my friends out a bit

So I’m currently working on a group project / assignment for one of my uni subjects. We’re conducting a preliminary survey for our website which will focus on stroke prevention. It should only take 5 minutes to do, but please only do it if you’re serious and have the intention of doing it properly. We’re gathering info at this stage about potential users of a stroke information/education website. If you have any other feedback feel free to leave a comment here.

The Survey

We have enough responses, so it has now been closed. Thank you everyone!

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I’m a uni student who likes computers, anime, games, tennis and photography among other things. I often read LNs, manga or watch anime in my spare time if I’m not translating something. I’m also an IT technician, so I deal with a lot of corporate IT issues and general troubleshooting of PCs, networks, software, etc. I often also have delusions of grandeur as I dream of marvelous ways to assassinate every member of the Chinese and North Korean governments, and all other tyrants against freedom.

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6 Responses to Help me and my friends out a bit

  1. Le_PoUnT says:



    Survey closed. Too bad, I’m spending my nursing contest in France.

  2. harry says:



    i am done , i hope it is useful to u

  3. konekoissei says:



    Done. As a non-native english speaker, I actually had to look up some of your terminology but I did the best I could 😛 I hope I was of some use to you and your friends.

  4. Victor says:



    Done. I’ve already put this in the survey but just in case, I’ll say it here as well because I’ve seen this error a lot of times. Don’t skip the basic information or take it as a given. A lot of people don’t have the slightest idea of what a stroke is because their schools haven’t explained it to them and they haven’t had the interest to look it up. Give the definition of what a stroke is and a simple explanation of the causes/consequences before getting into details. That way the majority of people will understand what it is in a couple of words, the ones that are interested will stay for the details and the difficult vocabulary and more people will get the essential info.

    In short, treat your readers as morons and you’ll get the information as far as you can. (no offense to anyone)