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Finally Home

Hey there, I finally arrived home yesterday after several flights and slept almost the entire day. I’ve got a few things to sort out as there would be after being away for 5 weeks but I’ll continue translating soon. It … Continue reading

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A bit about what I’m doing right now

Hola, So it’s been about two weeks that I’ve been here in South America. I’d love to see it all, but with only about a month here, I’ll only be staying in Peru. The flights here were more than 20 … Continue reading

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An update on translation and other things

Hey there, It’s been a while since I last made a post I think. I’ve just finished Top Secret for V19, all that remains is the Afterword which I should be able to get done this week. In regards to … Continue reading

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So sorry

I’m very sorry about my other sites being down. I’ve been using some pretty poor hosts but this site: should be much better.

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Hi everyone

Hi everyone, I’m triplezerox or zxzxzx. I’m a uni student who likes programming, is a computing enthusiast and among other things also enjoys anime. I’ve set up this blog so that I can post things which will most likely be … Continue reading

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