High School DxD Volume 1 Life.0 (Final)

The same colour as that person’s hair—.

That’s what I thought as I looked at my blood-covered hand.

Red—. Crimson hair more brilliant than strawberry-blonde.

Indeed, that person’s long and beautiful crimson hair has the same colour as the colour that my hand is dyed in.


My name is Hyoudou Issei. My parents and the guys at school just call me ‘Ise’ though. I’m a second-year high school student currently in the blossoming meridian of his youth. There was a time when a student who I’d never met before said

“Isn’t that Ise?”

So it seems like I’m pretty well-known, just that I’m not aware of it myself. I’m unexpectedly popular, you say? No, that’s not entirely true. After all, I’m so famous for being a pervert that I even got accused of peeping into the Girls’ Kendo Club changing room. I’m not the type of guy who would do such a shameless thing like peeping into the girls’ changing room…. I’m sorry. I was at the scene. I was in the storage room next to the Kendo Club and I was trying to peep from a hole in the wall into the changing room. It’s too bad that I couldn’t even get a good look in. It’s entirely Matusda and Motohama’s fault because they wouldn’t get away from the peep hole. Seriously, those guys…. It was impossible to keep my cool when those two idiots were saying things like

“Oooh! Murayama has seriously big tits!”


“Ahhh, Katase sure has some nice legs.”

Of course I wanted to have a look! But I noticed that some other people were approaching the storage room, so I ran away. On the bright side though, something really blissful happened to a guy like me, who would otherwise be doing all sorts of perverted stuff every day.

“Please go out with me.”

A confession from a girl! I truly felt what it was like be in the springtime of youth. For a guy like me without a girlfriend, it was a dream come true.

My girlfriend’s name is Amano Yuuma-chan. She’s got silky black hair and a slender body. Plus she’s so damn cute that I fell in love with her at first sight. I mean, who wouldn’t say ‘okay’ right away if some beauty came up to them and said

“Hyoudou-kun! I love you! Please go out with me!”

It’s like something out of a dream for a guy like me whose age equals the number of years without a girlfriend. It wouldn’t even be weird if someone said

“What dating sim did you get that from?”

But you know what, it seriously happened! It was like a miracle! I was confessed to! By a beautiful girl! It was so far-fetched that I actually thought it was a prank at first. I thought to myself several times that it was probably a dare or the result of a penalty game, and that her friends were watching us from somewhere nearby. It was only natural. Up until that moment in my life, I simply believed that I was destined to be unpopular with the ladies.

But ever since that day, I became a guy with a girlfriend. The world around me seemed to change. It’s hard to describe in words, but you could say that it put my heart at peace. I even felt like saying “It’s my win!” to every guy that I walked past. I actually started to feel sorry for my two buddies, Matsuda and Motohama, who don’t have girlfriends yet. That’s how confident it made me feel.

On our first date after we started going out with each other—

I was ready to use the plan that I had come up with a while back. Fufufu, I’ve already brushed my teeth dozens of times since last night. There isn’t a single spot that I could’ve missed. I even bought myself a brand new pair of trousers. After all, you never know what’s going to happen.

So I arrived to our date spot with the attitude of a super virgin guy. I got to the meeting point three hours before Yuuma-chan did, and there were probably almost a hundred girls wearing glasses that walked past in front of me! While I was waiting, I got a shady-looking leaflet from some weird random person who was handing them out. It was this occult-looking thing with a weird magic-circle thingy and a single line written on it—

“Your wish will be granted!”

…I wanted to throw it away, but decided to put it in my pocket since I wasn’t close to a bin. When Yuuma-chan finally arrived, I said to her

“Don’t worry, I also just got here.”

Oh yeah! I said it. I’d always wanted to say that! We strolled around while holding each other’s hands. I felt really touched that I was able to go on a date with my beautiful girlfriend and hold hands with her! I was so moved that I almost burst into tears. It’s best not to rush things though. And it certainly wasn’t the time to be panicking. Afterwards, we enjoyed our date going around to a clothing store and then window-shopping for room decorations.

For lunch, we dined at a family restaurant, just like how normal high-schoolers do, and Yuuma-chan seemed to absolutely love her chocolate parfait. My stomach felt full just by looking at her. Yep, I felt as though I could understand how other teenagers felt when they went on dates. For the first time in my life, I actually felt alive.

Mum, thanks for giving birth to me. Dad, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to continue our family line, but it looks like you won’t have to worry about that anymore. While I was thinking about all of those sorts of things, so much time had passed that it was already afternoon. This is the climax! A kiss!? A kiss before going home!? I got hyped up simply by the thought of it! Oh, and we might go even further than that! That’s what a horny male high school student like me was thinking.

We were at the park that was some distance away from the town. There were no other people around, no one here but me and her. Thanks to that, my erotic delusions began to run wild. I should’ve read a book that teaches you to do even naughtier stuff!

Yuuma-chan let go of my hand and stood in front of the fountain.

“I sure had fun today.”

Yuuma-chan smiled while the fountain in the background simply made her appear even sweeter than she normally was. Ooh! Damn is she cute. The colours of the setting sun behind her only served to enhance the atmosphere.

“Hey, Ise-kun.”

“What is it, Yuuma-chan?”

“There’s something that I want to do to celebrate our first date. Would you be willing to listen to a request of mine?”

Oh yeah, it’s here! This is it! This has to be it! The smell of my breath! Checked! My mental preparedness! Mmhmm! Gosh, it literally feels like my heart is about to pop out of my chest!

“W-What is your wish?”

Aaarghh. My voice came out so deep. She’s going to find out that I’m thinking of something stupid! I can’t believe that I just made the dumbest mistake after coming this far…. But Yuuma-chan simply smiled at me, and then she said with a clear voice

“Will you die for me?”


…Huh? What was that?

“…Huh? What was…huh, sorry, could you repeat that for me? I think there’s something wrong with my ears.”

I must have misheard that. That’s what I thought. That has to be it. So I asked her again. But…

“Will you die for me?”

She said it to me again in a clear, crisp voice and while giggling. Her words didn’t make any sense to me at all. Just as I was about to say “That’s so funny, Yuuma-chan” with a smile…


Dark black wings appeared from her back. She then started to flap her wings. Black feathers dispersed and floated in the air before falling down to my feet. What was that? Huh? Sure, Yuuma-chan is as cute as an angel, but…

An angel? No, there’s no way that can be possible. Is this some kind of an act? My beautiful girlfriend fluttered her wings while the rays of sunset shone from behind her. It was like a scene from a fantasy novel.


But it was impossible for me to believe something like that, even if my eyes told me it was true. The expression in her eyes changed from cute to frightening and cold.

“It was fun. The short time that I spent with you. It was like playing house with a little child.”

Even the sound of Yuuma-chan’s voice had become so emotionless and cold. Her tone was like that of an adult. A chilling smile also formed on her face.


A sound much heavier than the humming of a game console pulsed through the air. A constant buzzing sound resounded as it appeared in her hands.

It looks like a spear of some kind. Is it glowing as well? It’s like a mass of light or something…. Actually, it’s a spear.


That was the sound of the wind as a fast object ripped through it. A nasty noise followed after it.


The moment I thought that something had grazed my stomach, I looked down to realise that the spear that was in Yuuma-chan’s hand had pierced through my abdomen. She threw it at me…. But that aside, why? I tried to pull the spear out from my body, but it disappeared. All I was left with was a large hole in my abdomen and the overwhelming volume of blood that flowed out from it. Blood. My blood.

I began to feel dizzy as the world around me spun out of control and my eyesight became blurrier by the second. I was already lying on the ground before I realised it, as my legs had somehow lost their balance and given out.

Footsteps closed in on me as I lay flat on the ground. A small voice vaguely reached me. It belonged to Yuuma-chan.

“Sorry. You were a threat to us, so we decided to get rid of you early. If you want to hold a grudge against someone for it, then hate the God who put the Sacred Gear inside you.”

…Sacred, what…?

I couldn’t even ask her a single question anymore and was completely paralysed on the ground. The sound of her footsteps faded as they become more distant. At the same time, I started to lose consciousness. The hole in my stomach — it had to be fatal. I didn’t even feel pain anymore. That was when I realised I was in a seriously bad condition, since I could actually feel my consciousness slowly slipping away.

It would probably feel nice if I lose consciousness now as though I’m falling asleep. But if that happens, I’ll certainly die. Seriously…? Am I going to die at this age? I haven’t even lived half of my life yet! How am I supposed to laugh if I die because I was stabbed by my girlfriend in this weird park!? Kuh….

My consciousness began to fade away while such thoughts crossed my mind…. It felt as though various things inside of me were disappearing….

Oh yeah, I wonder what’s going to happen at school tomorrow. Will Matsuda and Motohama be shocked? Will they cry for me? No way, not them…. Mum, dad…. I haven’t done anything to please them yet as their child…. Actually…it’s not going to be funny if they find those porno magazines I was secretly hiding after I die….

…Why the heck am I only thinking about these kinds of things when I’m about to die…? My hands…they can still move….

I touched my stomach and brought my hand up in front of my face. It was red…. Crimson red. It was my blood. My whole hand was dyed red. All of it was my blood. And then she appeared in my mind. The person I was imagining was that one girl — the beauty with lustrous crimson hair. Every time I saw her, my eyes were inexplicably drawn to her crimson hair.

…If I’m going to die, I wish I could die in the arms of a beautiful girl like that….

It felt as though I was beginning to cheat on my girlfriend Yuuma-chan because I was having these thoughts. Hold on, Yuuma-chan was precisely the person who killed me….

…But if I am going to die, I want to die after groping Yuuma-chan’s oppai [1] at the least….

Haha, my perverted delusions won’t stop even when I’m about to die…. Aah, my eyes just got even blurrier. Is this finally the end for me…? Damn, this was such a boring life….

…If I’m going to be reborn, then I want to be…

“So you were the one who called me.”

All of a sudden, someone appeared in front of me and then spoke. My dazed vision couldn’t make out who it was.

“It looks like you’re dying. Your wound…oh my, it looks like something interesting is happening to you. So it’s you…. How interesting.”

She laughed as though there was something that amused her.

…I wonder what’s so funny…

“If you are dying, then I’ll take it. Your life, I mean. From this point onwards, you will live for me.”

Before I lost consciousness, I caught a glimpse of brilliant crimson hair in front of me.

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